Increase chances selling domainAs domain investors, we all want to sell our domains and one of the best methods is developing a minisite to inform the potential buyer about the website that you have for sale. So what elements should go into that website? And how can I develop the website to maximize my chances of selling my domain? Here’s how…

… What’s great about minisites is that there’s so much things that you can do to it to maximize your success of selling compared to just parking it and placing a for sale tag. The most crucial advantage that a minisite bring is that it allows you to be listed in Search Engines that can attract more buyers to come and buy it off you.

Maximise Chance Selling Domain— Maximize chances of selling domain —

Here are some of the techniques that I suggest to maximize your chances of selling a domain:


Have a title that mentions that your domain is for sale. I have seen some of the for sale minisites having a title that says is for sale! This is indexed by Google, and the display will show that it is for sale so the visitor will know straight away before visiting your minisite that your domain is for sale.

Sales Pitch

Prepare a one pager Sales pitch page, ensure that you’ve listed information about the keyword that your domain represents. Stating what the keyword is about (this will greatly benefit your SEO), the advantages of owning so, and how much it will benefit them. If possible, show statistics to make it more enticing. You can find examples like the affiliate marketing sites which have a very long 1 pager sales pitch, but yours can be shorter and straight to the point.

Buy It Now

With a sales pitch, you’ll need something that have the power to command a call to action. So as I am now enticed into buying the domain name, the buy it now button must be visible for me to click. The button can then be linked to the contact form where they can inquire more or send you an offer.

Contact Page

The contact page must state your Name, Company and Address (Better if its a business), Phone Number, Email and Contact Form. The reason for that is that there are a lot of scams online and to protect themselves from fraud, they’d want to verify your identity. This is very important especially for highly priced domains that are on the high hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is making the buyer comfortable and earning their trust that you are legit.

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