Jailbreak iOS in-app purchase free


Recently, my iPhone just went pass 1 year and do you know what that means? Well my iPhone‘s warranty is over, I’m on my own. With that, I’ve started to think more boldly about getting my device jailbreaked, and so I did. One of the coolest thing I found was how to get in-app purchases for free!


Disclaimer: You need a jailbroken iOS device to get Free in-app purchase to work.


First of all, I’d like to apologize to developers for this, but I really have to share it as I really did find it very cool.


Here’s how to get Free in-app purchase to iPhone or iPad:


Free in-app purchase iOS


  1. Open the app called “Cydia”
  2. Go to the “Search” Tab
  3. Search for “iap cracker
  4. You should see it in the search results (via modmyi.com)
  5. Install the app in Cydia and restart your phone (it’ll request to restart your spring board)
  6. Go to any app or game and tap any item that they have in their in app purchase
  7. You’ll notice that in most apps, it’ll give you a success message on your purchase.
  • **Important note: if the free in-app purchase asks for your iTunes Id and password then it is not supported, so do not proceed to purchase unless you’re really willing to pay for it =).


I’m still exploring my newly jailbroken iOS 5.01. A lot of cool features and free apps to explore.

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