As everyone is on the go, mobile phones have become an increasingly needed item that people carry everyday. As technology becomes cheaper so should mobile phones right? But it’s not, the phone itself is expensive (especially when it is bought early on its release date) plus the cost of your monthly usage costs. And if you don’t pay too much attention, you’ll find costs can run up pretty fast. With this in mind, here are a 3 ways on how to buy new mobile phone cheap.


buy new mobile phones cheap


Sim Only Deals

While phones can be bought on it’s own, sometimes combining it with a contract / line for your mobile phone can save you a lot of money. Why? Well it’s all because, aside from getting the mobile phone for cheaper rate or even free, you can get great usage deals that can even give unlimited calls or texts.


But here’s where you need to watch out, it can get more expensive than buying just the phone (either paying high amounts in the long run or exceeding your contract). To control your monthly costs, we can recommend going for sim only deals, where you buy your phone and sim only deals separately. So calculate the phone costs plus the monthly contract, and calculate getting the phone plus your typical usage costs, that should give you a good idea whether you’re getting a good deal. This way, you can get a lower plan when you’re not a high usage user.


Choice of Phone

Choosing a phone model could affect your costs, there’s a huge difference between iPhones and Samsungs vs other brands like Nokia. What we suggest is to find out the features of the phone you want, compare with other phone models and then decide. Do remember that new phones are launched every year but some offer very little difference, like a more apps or tweaked OS or a cool new design.


So don’t be fooled by advertisements, designs or whatever, do check on what you need and compare different models to get the best phone model at the lowest price. Remember same specifications and hardware but different design, brand and price.


Wait a little longer

New Cellphones come out every month, waiting a few months later wouldn’t hurt but the price might be slightly cheaper. Patience can truly give you a better deal for your money, after all, what would be the difference between a few months of buying the phone when the price is way cheaper.


It generally takes 3 months for prices to come down (falls in quarters), as demand for the phone eases so does the price. So do wait a little to get it at a bargain price.


Any other techniques that you can recommend on How to buy new Mobile Phones Cheap?

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