Ways to be Tall isn’t something everyone thinks about. I somehow never understood this problem before, I was always the tallest in our class and tall for an Asian guy (6’3″). But what got me interested is that people kept asking about how I was taller and how they can have the same thing. I always answered that it was all genetics, that my grandad was tall so I got the height. Somehow my mind started to think (I was intrigued), so what if I was shorter, what are ways to be tall?


Ways to be Tall

1. Clothing

Ways to be tall

Fitted & Monochromatic Colors

Clothing is one of the best ways to really make yourself look taller. The secret is wearing your clothes fit (but not too tight), by wearing certain types of colors and some physically enhancing clothing. When we say “fit”, it doesn’t mean to say that it’s tight (think of it like taking off the “baginess” of your clothing), it just means that it fits you nicely but gives you a more slimmer look (thus looking taller). Which then leads us to colors, dark colors (black, navy blue, gray…) helps you look fitter (therefore taller). Also, wearing Monochromatic colors (the color of your top and bottom shouldn’t be too far off, but the bottom must be darker) and wearing vertical stripes can give the illusion of a more taller image. If the size is difficult to find then it is recommended to invest in tailoring services to get the best sizes for you. There are also some clothing that can help you, like wearing heeled shoes or adding insoles that add height (but do be careful as it is embarrassing when removing it in public).



2. Hairstyle

Robert Pattinson ways to be tall

Robert Pattinson on Twilight

Our hair is also a way to be taller that not many realize, by choosing hairstyles that goes higher vertically. By simply changing your hairstyle to some styles that are spikey and short on the sides would give the image of being tall. Here are some of the new hairstyles for medium length hair for 2012.


3. Posture and Exercise

Correct Posture Ways to be Tall

Correct Posture can make you Taller

Posture is plays a huge role with adding height, by correcting your posture (chest up, back straight, stomach in, refer to photo above).  Make sure to constantly be aware and correct mistakes in posture, not only does it improve your looks, it does have some health benefits too. Another thing that’ll help is exercise, by doing stretching, resistance (e.g. lifting weights) or intense anaerobic exercise, can help you release HGH (Human Growth Hormones) that will help your body grow.


4. Surgery

Limb Lengthening Ways to Be Tall

Limb Lengthening Procedure

If all else fails, there’s a surgery that is called limb lengthening, but this procedure is costly and painful to do. How it works is that a brace is placed either inside or outside of the limb, it is then extended for up-to an inch per month and can help the patient get as high as a foot in height. Do make sure that you go to a good professional doctor for this procedure, do prior research about this procedure and the doctors before undergoing this surgery.

Any other ways that you guys can recommend on Ways to be Tall?

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