how companies can use domain names product services online marketingOnline Marketing has been such a big topic these days, it’s been the cheaper way of getting people to know about your products and services compared to the print or tv advertising. Domain Names, I believe, is still an unknown online marketing strategy to most companies. It is, however, one that is on the rise and is growing as some companies are getting them for blockbuster prices for their online marketing campaigns

… We’ve seen sales like $3 million for Candy.COM and $5 million for Toys.COM, some people would think, what the hell are those people thinking?! I think, what a great move.

Domainers are always banking on keywords that are frequently searched by thousands and some by millions of internet surfers each day. Having a matching keyword means I get higher ranking in Search Engines. For example, If I searched for Lodging Beach then the domain name would be either the top search result or at least in the first page (if it’s indexed).

online marketing domain names use

Getting on the first page means that I’d be more inclined to click and visit your website. We all want exposure and this will get “interested” people (who are more likely to become your customer) to come to your website. This means that your chances of selling is much much much higher.

So why the hell did the Candy Startup company buy Candy.COM? With millions of people searching for Candy each day, imagine if you were to come up in the first page. Imagine just getting a few percentage of that with no effort at all (imagine if you added more effort), you’d get a good number daily unique visitors. It’s an investment that companies who understand and as more and more people go online, these investments will yield really high sales and could get you higher than going traditional advertising.

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