When Buying or registering domain names are concerned, there’s only one website that I go to and that’s Godaddy. Godaddy is an all in one website service provider, providing domain names, web hosting, Website builder, Ecommerce solutions, Domain name auctions, parking and reselling. Godaddy is also the number 1 website for domain name registration. What I like about it…

… is that it pretty much has all the things I would need to start a website. The service that I use frequently is their domain name registration, the process is fast and easy and with better prices. The best feature about it is the Promo codes, the domain names are usually at market price which is a .com costs around $9.99 / year and using promo codes I can get it to as low as $7.49 / year. It’s a really great and addictive way of selling domains, it’s quite exciting to be able to find bigger discounts thru promo codes, I once got a 30% off a few domains that I registered which saved me around $40-50.

It also comes with a domain name generator, so that if the domain name you’re searching for is unavailable then it could generate alternatives for you. It Shows a list of “Also available” and “Smart search” domain names. The ‘also available’ domain names are the domain names that includes the keyword that you’ve entered, showing both premium (high value domains) and regular domains. The ‘smart search’ shows you available domain names with the keywords you’ve entered plus domain name suffixes and prefixes and similar words as well included in the list.

I haven’t used the website builder, website hosting or e-commerce solutions. Domain name parking does cost a certain amount of money but it does give returns especially if your domains are getting high traffic (there are other free options like Sedo). Domain name auction and reselling is a very interesting part of Godaddy, you simply could just register a great domain name find and resell it straight away. With tons of buyers coming to the website on a daily basis, you’re bound to find a lot that would be interested with a great domain name find. It’s a great way to get fast Return of Investment (ROI) to investing in Domain names.

Overall, I’ve used it for years and I’ve been very happy with the service, technology, and the customer service. It’s something that I personally recommend and will be using for a very very very long time.

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