Free Website Creator with Free Domain Name

Free website creator with Free domain name

Free website creator with Free domain name


There’s no one website that offers a free website creator with free domain name, but the good news is that there are websites out there that offer a free website creator and some that offer a free domain name. So if you’re looking to make a free website and a good domain name, here’s how you can get one…


So How do you get a Free Domain Name?

Free Domain Name


There are a lot of free domain name but there are certain purchases required to get it, like getting web hosting or purchasing one of their packages. One of the closest thing to free for nothing is, it’s not as good as a .COM or a .NET but it’s the best for the price of free. Your website will be like which looks better than a subdomain like right? What you need to do is to register and automatically you’ll get 2 free domain names, and use it for your website.



How do you get a Free Website Creator?

Free Website Creator


There are a lot of websites that offer free website creator service, but what I personally recommend is Weebly. What I like about Weebly is that the free has all the features with professional themes (designs you can choose from instead of needing to decide). And the best part? No Advertising! And no limit on Hosting! A lot of free sites have either ads or a limit and then you have to pay extra after, this is completely free of those. You can just drag and drop the elements you want and doesn’t require any programming at all.


Goodluck and hope my post helps you get a free website creator with free domain name.

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