Affiliate Marketing for WordPress MinisitesLet’s face it the Pay per click (PPC) industry isn’t doing the best and lots of minisite developers will tell you that, so what else is there for us to use to monetize? There are other solutions like Direct advertising, however how many do we really know in the local business? and how many are going to bite the bait for a minisite? So the best way to monetize right now is Affiliate Marketing with my WordPress Minisites

… I’ve been developing minisites for quite a few months now, and I’ve used WordPress for all of my developments. The way I’ve monetized has always been with PPC, but I wanted to increase my earnings so I’ve added Affiliate Marketing to my gTLDs (ccTLD’s like .PH is not that open to purchasing things online). The problem I have with Affiliate Marketing is that they give us really bad looking links or somehow show referral IDs which really discourages people (especially the meticulous ones) to buy or sign up. One thing I found was that with the rise of fraud and hacking incidents, users are more careful where they click. There are two solutions that I believe are great for this problem:

WordPress Plug-in WP-Affiliate Links

wp affiliate links wordpress plugin minisite— WP-Affiliate Link Widget in Post Function, WordPress —

Using this plugin means that you could hide your affiliate marketing link into a much more nicer looking link and it’s also SEO friendly (as it is redirected from internal 301 redirect). The links become like “”, which is much better than with so many characters that is unknown to the users. When the users click that, they’ll be redirected to the affiliate website and it would seem normal to them as if you’ve recommended them there.


— SkimLinks Video Tour —

There’s also a cool new startup which is called SkimLinks, what it does is automatically insert affiliate marketing links into your contents. What’s great is that you don’t need to manually enter links and that they have many advertisers in their network that you could already tap. Note: I still haven’t tried it as much yet, I’m still looking for a place for it in my minisites.

Minisites are much better than just parking your domain names, earnings are much higher and Search engine traffic is increasing each day. I’m quite happy that it’s earning and gaining SEO points, if ever I’m going to develop it one day it would be ranked really high in search results.

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