developing-minisites-COM-NET-ORG-INFOWe all know that .COM is king, wherever you ask, people will usually assume that your website is a .COM. However, if you’re investing into domains for minisite development then it might not be the case. If you search around the web for high exact searches on .COMs you’ll find that most are already taken, good thing there’s .NET, .ORG and .INFO

… We all want to cash in on our domain investments and minisites is one of the best way to go as domain parking isn’t paying out well. But as you assess for possible domains to develop into minisites, you’ll find that most are already taken and are sold at a higher price in the aftermarket.

domain-development-minisite-net-org-info-com— There are many alternatives to the .COM —

One of the solutions to the problem is looking into other extensions like .NET, .ORG and .INFO, the reason is that if the .COM is undeveloped and you see that the websites competing for the exact keyword is a few hundred thousand then you could literally grab other extensions. The good thing is that you pay hand registration fee and you can literally rise above the search engine results in no time. SEO won’t be tough as you have the exact keyword and with little or no competition.

I think .COM is too saturated with domainers wanting to sell their domains very highly, which is why you’ll hardly find anything available. What also sucks about the .COM is that it is mostly owned by domainers who have no plan or time to develop it as they’re focused elsewhere. .NET, .ORG and .INFO would be a good alternative for domainers to tap into and build minisites on.

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