flustalogoOnline betting / Gambling is one of the hottest concepts on the internet right now, but as we all know, where we can place a bet is very limited. So here comes a new startup called Flusta, what they do is allow users to bet on anything. I’ve written a similar website idea before here (Social Betting). What’s great about it…

… is that the concept itself is very interesting and allows betting on any topic. What’s also nice is that there’s no officials that defines who’s the winner, but it uses the wisdom of the crowd to decide and vote for who they think should win the bet.

flustascreenshot2— Flusta ScreenShot Homepage —


The interesting part here is that there’s no money involved so people could bet using the points that they initially have. It’s interesting that they didn’t include money in the concept as they use points and probably let the users decide for themselves if they’re betting real money.


flustascreenshot— Flusta Account Interface Screenshot —


You can vote for your views on each topic and give a comment as to why. Users are allowed to start bets which anyone could accept and it records users statistics in the account page to track progress and points. The interface is very well designed, showing the web 2.0ish style, clean and minimalist but complete with functionalities. It’s taken advantage of AJAX which makes it load fast.


Overall, this is exactly how I saw my idea, but maybe I wanted to include the money element before. The design is just excellent, with user friendly interfaces and easy to pickup. The problem right now is that they’re using points which might not be valuable to users (interesting at first but not as you continue to use the system), but it is a big opportunity. The points could be then tied up to become virtual currencies or could be used to exchange to items (tie ups with other websites / companies). I see a good future for them, but they might have to have something for users to really come and interact and use the system more. Only time will tell how they’ll do.

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