Flirt140: Online Twitter dating website

flirt140logoI’ve been covering a lot of Twitter 3rd party applications lately as they’re getting more and more interesting and creative with their concepts. Here’s a new concept, Flirt140, which is a website that helps twitter users find more dates online. What’s great about it…

… is that it is first of all Free for everyone to use. It also takes advantage of the 140 character limit of Twitter, which makes users more accurate with the message they would like to say. Private messaging (even the ones that doesn’t follow your account or vice versa) is still allowed for users and is also free to use.

flirt140screenshot1– ScreenShot of Flirt140 –


The key feature they have is the search function that they have incorporated on the right side of the screen. What it does is filter users based on the search criteria, which are Gender, Looking for, Country, Province, Distance and Keywords. Users are also tagged with descriptive keywords which represent who or what they are. So you could click a certain keyword in their tag cloud and automatically filter users based on the tag that you clicked.


It is a nice concept to have, however I feel that they still haven’t tapped the full potential of Twitter for this website. The advantage of having real time updates is still not used in the concept. But as it is new, there should be more features that we could expect in the near future. I just have a feeling we’ll be seeing more and more concepts pop out of Twitter.


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