Fix for Samsung LCD / LED TV HDMI / DVI no sound with audio jack

Samsung LED LCD Tv hdmi dvi audio fix

Samsung LED LCD Tv hdmi dvi audio fix

I bought a new LED tv recently, I got a Samsung LED TV Series 5C and was really really excited to explore on the capabilities of my new tv. As I went and explored all features, one thing that I needed the most was connecting my desktop pc to the TV (I play computer games and watch movies via my PC, I connect it via DVI to HDMI and an RCA cable). I was happy to see that Samsung’s new LED tv came with a HDMI / DVI plug and allows sound via an RCA cable. But as soon as I connected it, I noticed there was no sound at all.

I went online, searched everywhere, touched almost every part of the TV’s menu, read the manual, called support (They even said that it doesn’t work) and ended up thinking I would just buy myself a new PC and get the ones with the new Video card that has the HDMI (video and audio). But as I was about to purchase my new PC the next day, I checked again and finally found a solution.

Samsung LED LCD dvi hdmi audio fix

Here’s how to Fix any Samsung LED / LCD TV HDMI / DVI audio problem:

One option in the menu I didn’t really explore was the “Edit Source List”, and this was the solution. What you have to do is to choose “Edit Name” (That’s why it didn’t make sense, why use edit name as opposed to setup connection right?!), and select the HDMI / DVI option and select “DVI”. Connect the HDMI cable to your HDMI / DVI cable and connect the RCA (audio jack) to the PC / DVI sound plug just below the HDMI input. Try now, you should hear the sound.

I was so happy to finally be able to hear the sound of my Samsung LED TV, just when I thought that I had to buy a new PC, it all worked out for me. What I’m looking for now is to buy a small handheld keyboard/mouse combo, around the size of a tv remote control, to be able to save space and use it comfortably. I have still yet to explore on All share and Anynet+ feature, but I don’t really have other Samsung products so I’ll see if I can use other brands.


      1. Hi, im very frustrated, ive searched the net for hours and cant find solutions and dont know where to go or what to do anymore and it seems like people here know something about it so maybe u can help me? :O

        I have just bought Samsung 46″ 3D LED-TV UE46D6755 and i want to connect it with my pc, i have nvidia gtx 260 graphic card and on the pc i can find the tv easily, but it just wont give image output from pc to the tv. I use DVI-HDMI from pc to tv cus my graphics card dont have hdmi. Its connected to “HDMI1(DVI)” port in the tv cus the tv manual tells me it has to be that port used for dvi, but when i try to choose that port as source its just greyish u know when u can see it but cant press it.. Why does this happen when i cant find tv on pc? I really hope u can help me..

        Regards, Lars Haahr

      2. Hi Lars, I’ll try my best to help you out but please understand that I have a regular series 5 LED TV from Samsung and not 3d (so certain settings might be different). Anyways, I’ll give it a go:

        1. Please check your HDMI cable, try it out on other TVs to make sure it’s not the problem.
        2. Please check your video card, try to connect the DVI to another monitor.
        3. Could you try to connect something into the HDMI1(DVI) Port and see if something would display. To eliminated that port from any defects.
        4. Connect to the HDMI1(DVI) port, as you’ll be connecting the 3.5mm jack into the TV for sound (your graphics card DVI is video only)
        5. Could you try to adjust the resolution from your computer? Maybe the resolution is not supported by the TV. 
        6. If all else fails, I remembered talking to a technician about it. You might need to get a new video card, the one with HDMI port (Video and Sound) in it. 

        Let me know how it goes

      3. Oh, and 1 more thing. Could you also try and edit the name of the HDMI port just like what I posted above? It might also be that.

      4. mine i try to play my kinect xbox 360 and then it comes to this thing and it says cant find signal than it says no signal so i just keep trying and it doesn’t work HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

      5. Can I ask if you plugged your Xbox 360 via HDMI or RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or RCA (The Yellow, Red, and White plug)?

      6. Hi. I just bought a Samsung Led TV series 5. My problem is I want the Home Theatre which I also bought from Samsung to work when I watch via USB or just watching a local cable(analog). When I try  to set ‘external speakers’ on sound menu I can’t hear any sound. Note that I am using HDMI cable from DVD to my TV. What else should I connect? I know I need some audio jacks? but what are those? Hope you can help me.

      7. Hi, I have the UA46C5000QR LED TV.Just ran an update via the usb method now I have no sound.Can you please help?

      8. So sorry Regan, I haven’t really updated my Samsung as I’ve switched to a Sony TV now. Have you checked on your sound settings?

    1. You’re welcome, it drove me crazy for 3 days! I even called the sales person to ask, and the tech support said it wasn’t possible.

  1. Thanks very much for the info. Luckily I found this post quickly before getting too stressed out by the lack of sound!

  2. frustrating problem. i thought maybe it was a TV problem so i returned the Samsung 32: led TV UN4000 model and bought another one and still having the same problem.  the sound works for a while and then it just shuts off.. the only way to get the volume back is to unplug the converter box and replug it back in. and then it does the same thing all over again. in the meantime. i have tried everything. i thought if it was the usb cable i switched for another one that was working fine in a different room. another lcd tv i have works fine in either room with all cables. the new tv seems to work fine in the other room but maybe i didnt leave it on long enough to see for sure. 

  3. hi – thank you – this is the best information i’ve found so far on the web. i have the same model TV however I am connecting from a MacBook, not a PC. The PC/DVI link is not an option for me with the cable the apple store sold me. The cable they gave instead is a Y-split red/white audio connection (from Belkin) that plugs into the Mac’s headphone jack. 

    I am trying to get the Samsung to recognize audio in using this cable. I have the HDMI/DVI cable for video plugged into the HDMI/DVI 1 jack. Any ideas would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. thanks.

    1. Hi Cecilia, I believe you just have to edit the name and try it out one by one. See which one works, but audio should work fine.

  4. gud am guyz! i have a similar problem with a samsung series 5 led tv that was bought from australia.. everything is well except that there is no tv audio…I am subscribing to an analog cable services.. I changed the audio setting to tv speaker.. I did run the audio test in the tv and it works fine yet if I select the tv mode, I can’t hear any sounds from any channel..I tried everything in the manual .. maybe anyone here can help me..

    1. You might want to check the audio of the TV via the sound setup. Mine worked when I plugged the analog cable service on my tv the first time.

  5. I thought i’d throw my two cents into this.  I was trying to do the exact opposite of you and get HDMI Audio to work over using a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter from my laptop.  I had previously edited the HDMI Input #1 on my Samsung tv to “DVI/PC” so that the picture would display correctly (as in unedited by the TV’s video processing that will occur if the label is not set to PC or DVI/PC).  However, I wasn’t getting any audio over the HDMI cable.  I then found out if I changed the source name from “DVI/PC” to just “PC” the audio over HDMI worked, while the picture settings remained unchanged.  So it appears the only difference between the two PC label options in the source list is the enabling/disabling of HDMI audio.  I venture to guess the author of this article’s problem was the opposite of mine: since he had the source labeled as just “PC” instead of “DVI/PC”, it was trying to send audio out over the HDMI instead of the analog RCA source.

    1. Yes, I believe ours were opposite. It’s a bit weird how they structured the sounds option via editing the name. I was wondering though, if you wanted the sound via HDMI, wouldn’t you have gone straight to the HDMI port?

  6. Guys – I have a similar issue – Samsung LED 6 series connected philips BD7500 Blu Ray player through HDMI – I don;t get video or audio it says check cable – I have checked the cable, interchanged the HDMI ports etc – still nothing. I can get Audio/video when connected through the component setup.

    Can anybody throw some light on this – thanks

    1. Hi Rsahil, I wish I could help you but I dont have a Blu Ray Player and I watch Blu Ray via PC (DVI). Have you tried to edit the name of the video source?

  7. Can anyone help? I plugged a pair of headphones into my Samsung led t.v – all was well, however, when i removed the headphones I appear to have lost the sound ? What can you suggest, have tried all the obvious via my remote control.

  8. Thanks a ton, you were actually the second site I opened when googling this problem, you saved me one hell of a headache! kudos!

  9. PC users with: DVI to HDMI cable for video and 3.5mm jack3.5mm jack cable for audio
    FOR UE40D6510 (or any 65**):
    1. press (on remote)
    2. select HDMI/DVI
    3. press  (on remote)  [a table will pop up]
    4. pick “Edit name”
    5. select “DVI PC”

    Enjoy sound from pc!

    Greetings from Lithuania :)

  10. Hi, I have the samsung UA46D5500 and when i connected a hard drive to the tv only the sound from the tv was coming through, and then tried using extra audio cables to connect the tv again (already have a connection for a dvd player) to an amplifier, but still no sound comes thru… any idea how to make this work?

  11. Hi, I have the UA46C5000QR LED Tv and have just updated my tv software via the usb method.Now there is no sound coming from the tv.I have tried everything that I can think of.Please help.

    1. Oh my, I haven’t really updated my tv so I don’t know this problem. Have you tried checking the updates again if there was a new patch? Have you tried contacting Samsung directly about this?

  12. WOW THANKS! I have been trying to figure this out for days! This NEEDS to be spread. I have seen soo many people online with this problem.

  13. Totally crazy. Thanks a tonne for posting this, found just about when I’d given up!

    In my case, I have a DisplayPort (without audio output) from my laptop, with a DP-to_HDMI adaptor, connected to my Samsung UE37D5520 via HDMI cable to the HDMI/DVI port. I have a standard audio cable from my laptop headphone output jack to the “PC/DVI Audio In” javk on the TV.

    Picutre worked fine, but no audio. Solution, as given above, was in the “Edit Name” section of the TV settings. Took me a while to find that: hit the “Source” button on the remote, select “HDMI1/DVI”, then hit the “Tools” (physical button on remote). That brings up the “Edit Name” list – select “DVI PC”, and voila.

    Totally crazy!

  14. Usefull. I’m curieus to know how to use a headphone, without losing the TVsound. Connect/disconnect the jack is a disaster, i don’t want to put the tv every time from te wall..

  15. Oh Man – Thank you so, so much! I moved home and the sound just dropped out from the HDMI1/DVI option on my newer 40″ LED model (so this must apply to all Samsung!). I thought the 3.5mm jack port had probably sustained a knock or something but alas no.
     You have saved me so much frustration as I have spent hours over the past few weeks trying to work it out… Thank you once more.   :-D

  16. Sir you have mad a great effort but unfortunately this isn’t working for me. My TV is Samsung LED TV UA40EH5000R. please can you help me????

  17. For the Samsung UE32D5000 this also holds in a similar way.
    1. Connect video of PC or other DVI device with the TV’s port labeled ‘1 (DVI)’
    2. Connect audio output jack of PC to the TV’s jack labeled ‘PC / DVI AUDIO IN’
    3. Press source button on TV remote and scroll to the ‘HDMI1/DVI’ entry
    4. Press the tools button and then choose the ‘Edit name’ option or similar (‘Naam wijzigen’ in Dutch).
    5. From the list that appears select the ‘DVI PC’ option.
    Presto! Sound plays from PC (or other device) via the speakers on the TV. Get a 2.1 speaker set and connect its jack to the headphone output -> Good sound from TV tuner and PC!

  18. hy i have a samsung eh6030 3d ledtv and i have no sound.
    my conection with pc is hdmi-dvi
    and for sound from tv rca to pc jack
    pls hep

    1. Hi Sk8er, have you tried the solution above? I haven’t used or tried the Sumsung 3d model so I’m not too familiar (I got the Sony 3d tv).

      1. tryed but no luck i bought even an audio optical cable but nothing. at optic i think my pc has out and tv same that is why doesnt work

      2. I think the audio optical cable is for audio out only. Have you tried connecting via HDMI? Have you checked your audio settings? Have you plugged the audio jack when using DVI?

  19. Worked great my friend!!! I tried almost everything, even service tools and with not results, but this is the easier way!! THANK YOU.

  20. Oh wow, thanks a lot! Was very confused and frustrated with the missing sound and found your post via web search.

    For the record, for my model (Series 5) the setting is reachable via “Source” on the remote, selecting “HDMI1/DVI” (as detected), “Tools” (remote) and then “Edit Name” (screen). “DVI PC” then works for me.

  21. So, tried the options above (tried both HDMI ports 1 with DVI and 2 without, with ALL the options under edit names). None of them work (ie no audio, just video). I know the cable works and the connections work because I had my wii plugged in (video only) and the audio (3.5mm headphone jack split to red and white) from my computer was coming through. Model un39eh.something. Any suggestions?

    1. That’s weird have you tried plugging another audio jack on the slot to test it out? Just need to rule out certain cable problems. If not I might not have an answer for this, you might need to contact Samsung directly.

  22. I have Samsung UE-46F5000. I’ve tried your solution, but it does not work for me.

    I tried also other ways:
    1) Updated firmware to the latest

    2) I’ve tried to force disabling passing audio from my video card (

    3) I even tried to set DVI source in case HDMI connected in service menu

    All with no luck.

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