Samsung LED LCD Tv hdmi dvi audio fix

I bought a new LED tv recently, I got a Samsung LED TV Series 5C and was really really excited to explore on the capabilities of my new tv. As I went and explored all features, one thing that I needed the most was connecting my desktop pc to the TV (I play computer games and watch movies via my PC, I connect it via DVI to HDMI and an RCA cable). I was happy to see that Samsung’s new LED tv came with a HDMI / DVI plug and allows sound via an RCA cable. But as soon as I connected it, I noticed there was no sound at all.

I went online, searched everywhere, touched almost every part of the TV’s menu, read the manual, called support (They even said that it doesn’t work) and ended up thinking I would just buy myself a new PC and get the ones with the new Video card that has the HDMI (video and audio). But as I was about to purchase my new PC the next day, I checked again and finally found a solution.

Samsung LED LCD dvi hdmi audio fix

Here’s how to Fix any Samsung LED / LCD TV HDMI / DVI audio problem:

One option in the menu I didn’t really explore was the “Edit Source List”, and this was the solution. What you have to do is to choose “Edit Name” (That’s why it didn’t make sense, why use edit name as opposed to setup connection right?!), and select the HDMI / DVI option and select “DVI”. Connect the HDMI cable to your HDMI / DVI cable and connect the RCA (audio jack) to the PC / DVI sound plug just below the HDMI input. Try now, you should hear the sound.

I was so happy to finally be able to hear the sound of my Samsung LED TV, just when I thought that I had to buy a new PC, it all worked out for me. What I’m looking for now is to buy a small handheld keyboard/mouse combo, around the size of a tv remote control, to be able to save space and use it comfortably. I have still yet to explore on All share and Anynet+ feature, but I don’t really have other Samsung products so I’ll see if I can use other brands.

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