Google adsense payout minisitesInvesting in domains has always been a good move on my part, combining development and domaining into one has made me a stronger in terms of my presence online. My strategy was to build as much minisites that I can and try to earn money off PPC ads, well thanks to that strategy I’ve finally achieved my first Google Adsense payout with minisites…

… What is really interesting is that I’ve only started developing minisites for 5 months, these are minisites that are have 0 PR, no link building, no marketing whatsoever. All it was designing and content which had really propelled it to earn money with only PPC.

My minisite projects has started to become less and less work, some were as simple as 5 days work together with 10+ pages of unique contents. PPC was very punishing at first, as you don’t know why you’re not earning enough from it. But I soon realized it all came down to ad placement which increases the CTR of a minisite. I have then increased my minisite’s CTR to around 5% – 20%, considering that I’m getting low traffic.

It has been a roller coaster ride waiting for clicks to happen, but I’m quite happy to say that the minisites have done well and I didn’t waste my time building them. I believe that it will soon get more traffic (keyword rich domains) when it indexes the contents and domains age, I certainly believe I could earn more later on. So I’m holding on to them right now.

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