farawayfishHave you seen P.S. I Love you movie? Have you ever wanted to leave emails to your love ones when you pass away? Here’s your chance. In a nutshell, FarAwayFish allows users to leave messages to their love ones when they pass away for up to 10 years. What’s really interesting about it…

… is how the emails will be sent to your love ones. When you register you set up 3 trusted informers which will inform the website of your passing, when one person reports your death then the system contacts you (to check if you’re still alive) and 2 other informers to confirm the news. When the news is confirmed all the emails that you’ve compiled will be sent as you’ve planned it.

There’s a free and silver lining package that they offer. The free package includes 25 emails to love ones, page profile, blog, 50mb (pictures, videos and songs). While the Silver Lining package includes 500 emails, email attachments, blogs, page profile, lock profile (so only chosen people could see),  informer checking, SMS checks on user’s mobile. Silver Lining Costs (20 UK pounds per year).

Overall, a very creative website and somehow useful. The ‘usefulness’, however, might not always going to be considered by all. Only time will tell how this could go.

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