expireddomainnamesTrying to find domain names (especially in .COM) that are available for registration is hard, most of the good names have already been taken. In the aftermarket, good domain names are selling in the $xxx or $x,xxx value. It’s not cheap but it gets you great domain names. So if there’s not much good domain name finds and the aftermarket is expensive where do we get good domain names? The Expiring Domain names…

Expired domain names are domain names that are registered and has expired due to the non-renewal of registration (in the expiry date) by the owner. When this happens the domain name heads to the delete list. Pool.com has an updated expired domain name list, consisting of the whole list of domain names that are in the pending delete list. However, it’s not that easy to wait till it expires and register it in your domain name registrar. What normally happens is that there are a lot of domainers who have access to this list and it might be too late for you to wait for registration, what they do is back ordering.

expireddomainnamescheap Expired Domain Names are Cheaper

Back Ordering (around $18.99 in GoDaddy) is where as soon as the domain name expires, it grabs the domain name for you. It is cheap compared to buying in the aftermarket and does save you a lot of money if you’re able to grab it right away. If there are more than 2 backorders, then a bidding happens. People have to bid for that domain name so the cost might go higher (but if the domain name is worth it then why not).


— You don’t have to be creative —


When coming up with domain names you have to be creative with your domain names, but with expired domain names, the list is presented to you. Take advantage of the creativity of others, all you need to do is choose and find the one that you want.

expireddomainnamesage— Expired Domain Names have age —

What’s great about Expired domain names (aside from being cheaper), is that it has age. Search Engines give priority to older domain names, and having the age factor certainly gives you an advantage in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

expireddomainnamesinboundlink— Might have existing inbound links to your domain name —

Some Expired domain names do have lots of inbound links (links from other website pointing to the expired domain name), more search engine points for your domain name.

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