Before, I understood Business in a way that it’s all about making money or profits. Sure, it still holds true! But I can now sincerely say that I understand the true meaning and value of the sense of purpose in the Business’ life. I believe that this deeper sense of purpose is what drove great entrepreneurs to where they are today!


I’ve been really moved by Simon Sinek’s TED talk on the Why. I’m thankful that I was able to see and learn from it earlier on, motivation really doesn’t grow on trees and it’s something that needs something deep anchored inside us to keep the fire burning. That’s why I chose to write about this topic as this has been something I learned deeply last year.


Business Direction

There’s really an infinite number of directions a business could take (including pivots that is). You can shift from creating products / services for retail sector to a consumer app that does social networking. Aside from your vision, I believe purpose plays a huge role in influencing you to change path or stay on course. It’s not too long ago that I had to change business direction as I realized that in order for me to help my customers, I needed to do more.


I really had a good time to reflect and the conclusion I had in my head was, at the end of the day, I want to make that difference that changes the lives of the customers we serve. I wanted to help them with whatever we can to make them successful.


When Things Go South

As entrepreneurs, it’s a roller coaster ride. There are just times that you feel like you’re going to die and that your business was a waste of time. What I learned was that what makes really successful entrepreneurs get thru this so many times over is that strong sense of purpose and belief that they can change the industry. There are times you would question everything, yourself, your team, your products / services, your business, your life (I can go on forever!) but digging deep and looking at the ‘Why’ I’m doing what I’m doing calms me down and makes my vision of the future much clearer.


Things does not go our way all the time, and as entrepreneurs we know the risks of what we do. But when your backs are against the wall, do you fight or flight? I believe persistence with a purpose truly makes things successful.


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