CN Domains

One of the things that I believed before that was going to drag .CN down was the release of the IDN (International Domain Names), which allows people to have their own language’s characters (Chinese in this case) as the URL. The domain .CN was one of the most promising domains to invest in as China has a huge population, lots of people had invested heavily on this domain. But more and more bad news on .CN is starting to surface, have they just wasted their money?…

… One of the domains I wanted to invest in was .CN, it felt like it was somehow natural as it is in Asia and it has the world’s largest population. But as I didn’t know the language and why they would use English in their searches, I stopped myself from getting into their domains.

CN Domain Name— Shocking news for CN domain name owners —

The first bad news was when the IDNs were released, obviously a country will support their own languages in the searches than the English one. So a domain would be of less value than the Chinese character for it. Next that came along is how the Government is starting to control on domain registration. Not allowing foreigners to invest on their domains, and do require a lot of paperwork to maintain the domain (or lose ownership to the Chinese Government). And the last and Final blow to this will be as Google ( is almost on the point of pulling itself out of China, that would affect at least a good amount of traffic (they said Google brings around 35% of a website’s traffic) which .CN’s would need to monetize.

All the bad news are coming upon those who own .CN, and I’m pretty happy that I didn’t make the mistake of investing in it. It’s hard when you have to fight for a domain with a Government, there’s just no way you’ll win over them.

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