stopcybersquattertyposingularpluralreversedomainnamesDomainers have always been regarded by most as cyber squatters, although I totally disagree to this statement, some domainers actually capitalize on this hence the negative image it portrays. As long as there are money to be made in it, there will be at least some who’d be doing it (Like how Google had many cases against those Gooogle or Gogle domain name owners). So how can we stop this? You could get them to court but it would be expensive . So the best way I believe (prevention is better than cure) is by securing typo, Plural, and reverse of your domain name


buyregistermisspelleddomainnames— How many times have you misspelled the URL? —

You have to think on the point of view of the potential visitor on what they could misspell on. For example, Google must secure the typo for Gogle or Gooogle to ensure that the traffic is still going to them. Typo’s are very important especially to brandable domain names, because these are usually misspelled and not the easiest to remember. What you’d want is for someone to end up on your website and not on a Page full of Advertisements. It could be a lost of client or sale because they weren’t able to go to your website.

Singular / Plural

singularpluraldomainname— Get your name in plural and singular form. —

This is the most tricky part in domain names, plural and singular version could mean a loss of a good few million visitors on your end. That’s one of the reason why whenever I register some brandable domain names, I always get the singular and plural version of it (Like JoinMind and JoinMinds). Unless, of course, if the plural is a bit far in spelling than the singular. For example, Property and Properties, where Property is very dominant but still Properties is still generating significant amount of traffic you wouldn’t want to miss.


reversedomainname— Is your domain name reversible? —

This only applies to domain names that are at least 2 words long. This is when the 2 word combination can be reversed to make up another domain name which hits the same keyword. For example, I got TechFilipino.COM, as well as, FilipinoTech.COM so that I’ve secured my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and possibly losing out on some more traffic.

What you have to do

whattododomainname— You got it, so what now? —

Once you have secured these domain names, make sure to redirect them (by 301 thru your web hosting) or use web forwarding to your main domain name. Remember, to be wise when buying these types, try to put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and think where they could go wrong when typing your domain name.

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