GeodomainnameinvestingareastreetcitycountryGeoDomain Names are one of the biggest money makers, if done right, it often attracts millions of visitors with no effort at all for both type-in traffic and SEO traffic. But how far can we get into GeoDomain Names? Do we just invest in Countries? Cities? Area? Streets? …

… This has been bugging my mind for quite some time now, looking at a lot of gTLDs and ccTLDs, most of the popular countries and cities are already registered. What’s also quite interesting is that buyers of these domain names are prepared to shell out huge amounts of cash.

areastreetgeodomainnameinvesting— Is it worth investing in these? —

Countries and Cities have always been a popular choice, but how about Areas and Streets? Is it worth putting money into them? I believe, that it is as long as it gathers enough searches and is quite a popular place it is worth investing. I’ve invested on my first ever GeoDomain Name by registering QuezonAvenue.COM which is a popular area (a very very long road and a popular commercial area) in the Philippines. It gets 6,600 searches each month which is good enough traffic for a portal. As the area is also commercial, there are lots of businesses who might be interested in direct advertising.

I think going deeper into areas or streets is about how big the searches are or them. If we’re able to anticipate areas that are being developed and could soon become popular, we can make good money in domain names out of it.

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