best thing about developing premium domain namesWith my TLD (Top Level Domain Names) investments, I wasn’t able to get any Premium domain names. But being a .PH domainer, I was able to grab a lot of premium domain names in the ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain Names) as the market is still open. These are the positive points that I believe are the best things about developing premium domain names:

Instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

domainnamephsearchengines— Be seen straight away —

As I was building the website up, one thing that I first did is to submit my website to all search engines. And as I was still constructing the website, I started to notice from my analytics that I was already getting visitors to my website. In my experience in TechFilipino (brandable domain name), it took me a good 2 – 3 months before they started referring visitors to my website. But with premium domain names, it was almost instant SEO, getting me to the first page of search engines easily.

Competing with other domainers parked domain names

competingwithotherdomainersparkeddomainnamespremium— Parked domain names have poor SEO —

Another thing I noticed when I was researching for keywords that I could write about (the contents) was the fact that I was competing in an open field where other premium domain names are not developed. Other domainers are not so keen on developing their domain names as they’ve got hundreds (or thousands) which could really be time and resource consuming. So I was literally competing against other brandable domain names, and thanks to Search Engine’s priority for premium domain names, I was able to get page 1 (or at least page 2) straight away.

Overall, I suddenly realized why Candy.COM was sold for a whopping $3 million. The instant first page result is what other people were paying for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The competition for Search Engine Optimization is fierce but with premium domain names, you’re almost ahead of the competitors.

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