domain name development Google Adsense stop Rick SchwartzDomain name development have been a very hot topic recently with the collapse of domain name parking revenues. The solution for most was ‘Minisites‘, most domainers are encouraging people to develop minisites out of the domain names that they parked. Many domainers are arguing that minisites are coming to an end, while others argue otherwise…

… Recently, domain king, Rick Schwartz, has found that the Google Adsense Ads of 3 of his sites have been turned off by Google lately and he was freaking mad about it. His statement has sparked a huge controversy between domainers on which direction should we go now since Google seems to be pulling the plug. Imagine having a site up for more than 9 years and still end up like this, which it should’ve been an established and well respected website. Here’s what I think:

views on PPC— Transparency to PPC … —

I feel his Rick’s pain, we all have great respect for him and his contribution and insights to the industry. I agree that Search Engines are just not transparent, it’s causing questions and doubts to all domainers and has seriously affected quite a few. When Google bans a site, it doesn’t even send it a warning or even mention that you’ve been banned, all it does is simply pull the plug without notice. We understand that Search Engines got to protect themselves from fraud and other malicious activities online, but we, as a whole, bring in a lot of cash for them. It’s about time they realize we make them money, so a little respect and working with us would be nice (Like Partners do). I’m personally still with Google Adsense right now, I’m earning ok but not too great with them, but what I really do not understand is why don’t I get paid for certain clicks and why some carry so little value. A little explanation and transparency with us publishers would be nicer than just removing and deducting our payments straight away (and getting us ranting like this). Bottom line, we want transparency.

However, there are some points that I do disagree on. Development for me is the key to be successful in this industry. The older generation (90’s domainers) have certainly made lots of money reselling their domain names these years, but for us who are new and owns ‘B’ or ‘C’ class domain names, how do we enter? Are we just going to wait for someone to come along and buy one great domain name of ours and lose on the rest? SEO is definitely the new domain name, with the help of development, the domain name can earn revenues while enjoying SEO ranking. End of the day, development creates contents in the website which Search engines love, and from there get more organic traffic (more traffic = more revenues). I believe domainers today dream of being able to live independently, meaning not relying on the good domain name sales day but instead being able to earn from PPC or Affiliate marketing decently from domain names that are developed. Secondly, Minisites are not being banned, there might be other reasons for the turning off of ads, maybe thru malicious codes or something, but main thing it comes down to is the fault on Google’s side not to site the problem. But it doesn’t mean to say that we should stop developing minisites, it’s still a good money earner plus the SEO.

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