domain-investing-cctld-gtldThere’s so many topics that people are actively discussing right now, but one thing I want to focus on is what’s better gTLD or ccTLD? It’s been a question which have been interesting to me as a domainer and a developer. Here’s what I’ve learned with my domain investing journey…

… One of the things that attracted me into the ccTLD is that in my own country, Philippines, the .ph domains are still in its early stages despite being available years back. I thought it would be a good opportunity now to grab and own premium domains than to wait later when everything is registered and trying to buy them off in the aftermarket. While gTLDs are supposedly the king, getting a huge number of searches from the global search market and is reportedly earning lots for other domainers.

cctld-gtld— One Country or the World? —

gTLD vs. ccTLD

What I learned is that if you didn’t invest in popular ccTLDs like, .us, .in, .cn, or .de then your ccTLD is pretty much on the low. I’ve made minisites for the .ph domains, and what I’ve learned is that there are a good significant traffic that falls on my domains but its not enough to get decent revenues. Rising ccTLDs are great only for developing into website concepts that could earn revenues with a proper business model. Without it, PPC ads are just not going to add up unless you regularly update the contents or pay people to do it for you. Good thing is that I’ve invested in ccTLD as a means for me to penetrate the internet market of the Philippines (more focused) by developing the websites into businesses, but its a long term investment and would take time before it actually surfaces.

As for the gTLD, it is simply king. This is simply the most lucrative market a domainer could get into. The best thing about it is that minisites in this market can earn a decent $9 / month (minimum and that’s 5k + exact searches and running only for a few months). Traffic has also started to increase over time and is already number 1 for its keyword phrase globally. This is great for me as a domainer to invest and develop a quick site and turn it into a passive income generator. The most important thing I learned is that its never too late to cash in on it, it might not be as easy as before but it really has lots of opportunities. Never mind the .com, which mostly are taken, there are others like .net, .org, .info etc that can really guarantee a top spot in Google or check the aftermarket for the .COMs. All it takes is good content writing and you should be on your way to earn top money.

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