Domain Development plans for 2010

domain-development-2010Investing in domains has been an exciting job for me this 2009 but what I found more exciting is the development side to it. Developing domains have been a hot topic in 2009 and will, I believe, continue to be hot this 2010. This is what I plan to do in domain development this year, 2010

… In 2009, my focus was to develop my ccTLDs into minisites and websites which could earn revenues and help sell other projects as well. While with my gTLDs, I focused on investing and looking for available ones I could acquire (Long long long process). I was able to develop a few but not the number yet that I wanted.

domain-developing-2010– 2010 is the year of Development –

This 2010, I’ll be focusing on developing my ccTLDs into full blown websites. I realized that ccTLDs are really not the best minisite platform and will only work if it was a full blown website (it could be different in the next few years). So while I have the premium domains and openings in the country’s internet space, I’ll be focusing on partnerships and developing from my own company. As for the gTLDs that I own, I’ll put my minisite skills to it. I’ll be developing more minisites in gTLDs as the revenues from PPC is way higher and all it takes is SEO skills.

2009 has been a good year for me to do my research and learned a lot from my trial and error process (Did I mention this was really really expensive?). 2010 is going to be an interesting year for me, and I believe its going to be a starting point for me and my company to rise. Goodluck to all of you in 2010, I hope you all all the best.

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