Twitter has been getting a lot of news lately for the worms affecting it to really cool applications attached to it. One particular application that was of interest to me as a domain name buyer is DNtwits. In a nutshell, DNtwits is a way for Twitter users to buy and sell domain names thru twitter. What’s great about it…

… is that it allows real time buying and selling of domain names from users. It’s easy and simple to use and you don’t even have to register, all you have to do is add the text “dntwitsSELL” (for selling) and “dntwitsBUY” (for buying) in your Tweet. The best thing about it is that it’s free, all it does is enlist your request for buying and selling in their website for other users to see. So it’s pretty much a classified ads / directory where it enlists all the wanted and selling section for domain names.

I do believe that it could still do more with it, I found that there isn’t much activity yet but maybe because it’s still new and still needs to add more features. I hope they could add a search function for buying and selling (e.g. search for people who want to buy —.com or selling —.net) and probably add community features like a real time domain auction (thru twitter, Tweet your bids) or something that would encourage the community to interact.

Overall, I like what the they’re doing. Buying and selling domain names is a big business and a lot of money can be made with it. When this website adds more features, it could lead the way to new ways of buying and selling domain names, I certainly hope that they could do it soon.

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