devhubMaking money online has been one of the most talked about topic, and if you really dig deeper into it, it does require at least a basic knowledge in programming. DevHub is a cool new website that will help solve that problem. DevHub provides a comprehensive website builder which doesn’t require any programming knowledge at all. All you do is drag and drop and everything falls into place…

… Devhub’s goal is to help people express themselves online without the hassle of programming, it is somehow different to websites like blogger, wordpress, joomla, as it’s completely drag and drop.

devhub screenshot free website builder— Devhub’s free website builder —


I couldn’t believe how easy it was to build this website up, all you need is to drag the widgets from the right side to your website and it just works. The User Interface is so basic, that anyone could build a decent website in just minutes. And it even allows you to customize every single part of it’s looks even. The most interesting part of this website is that it really gives you options on how to monetize your website. It doesn’t only give you the Cost per Click (CPC), which is like Google Adsense, but it gives you the Cost per Action (CPA) Advertising. It allows you to earn money when people buy products when the click on your adverts or if they sign up. Devhub really gives a good monetization options to its members.


website analytics of devhub— Website Analytics of Devhub —



There’s ways for you to track how many visitors that come and how much you’ve earned so far. It just gives a good basic overview which you’d need. What I also found interesting is that running those adverts doesn’t require you to sign up to those long forms. It might now earn you as high as going direct but the time that you save on signing up and copy and pasting the codes could actually allow you to make quality contents. What’s also great with their website is that they only allow one account to 10 websites, and if you did well on their ‘quality score’ then you can add another 10 websites and so on. So it controls people from spamming their website and keeps their content nice and original. For domainers out there, you could like your domain names thru DevHub and give values for your domain names by adding content thru DevHub and monetizing it without programming.


Of course, this is a good startup platform for people to learn and explore making their own websites and make money out of it, however it is somehow as a beginner startup course. Nonetheless, Devhub is a great website with amazing website builder tools. The functions it has is what you’d need when you have a website but it’s all for free. I don’t think there’s anymore out there right now (check date), that could provide a service for free and as comprehensive as theirs. I’d totally recommened this to people. Great stuff Devhub team.

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