domain name investing minisites doesnt always mean successI’ve been developing a lot of my domain names into minisites ever since I’ve entered the business of domain name investing, however, something that I noticed is that not all minisites become successful. Developing is tough and time consuming but it needs knowledge to really become successful…

… What I noticed is that not all of the minisites earn a lot, even if it has good traffic and good ad placements. Some of the minisites that I’ve done is based on Google Adwords tool, which I use to measure the number of searches of the exact term in search engines.

Research Research Research...

— Research, Research and Research… —

My mistake was that I did go for the popular terms that has very high searches, thinking that even for 1 – 5% of the total search could come to me, I’d be getting good enough traffic. I was wrong, I didn’t get even 1%, Why? It was simply because I didn’t look at the competition, some had millions of result pages which I have to compete on. Traffic was very minimal, and the earnings was low that it was really worthless to keep.

What I learned is that it’s really all about doing your research, finding search results less than 500 thousand and at least 1000 exact searches every month. Competing with other websites mean more work (Content, SEO, and link building) and marketing on our end to rank high in search engines. It was another good lesson for me as a domain investor, which I hope could help a lot of people in their domain name investments.

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