Cloud-Based email management enables organizations to reclaim email as a genuine business asset, this is because of the cloud’s solution’s ability to guarantee availability of service not to mention the functional and financial benefits that the business gets.


cloud based email


What we need from email

Email today is unquestionably the most important and significant business communication tool. Email users (pretty much all of us) have become so dependent upon our corporate email that around 30% of our working day is spent doing something in our email clients, and we check email almost constantly. Consequently, when email systems go down it can prove costly to the business.


Unplanned outages can result in lost productivity, decreased customer satisfaction and unforeseen delays, all of which can do serious damage to corporate reputation. Quite simply, email is no longer solely a means of desktop communication. It has become an extensive and mobile information portal – and therefore ensuring that it remains continuously available is now a business imperative.



What businesses are up against

With ever-decreasing budgets and increasingly dependent and savvy end users, IT departments are challenged with eliminating downtime, whilst mitigating and managing email-borne risks. Despite this, scheduled maintenance and unplanned downtime remain a fact of corporate life, and it is therefore necessary for IT staff to provide alternate means of sending and receiving critical content.



Technical challenges

Email’s evolution into a mobile, multi-platform tool has seen end-user demands soar, presenting often complex challenges for IT administrators. Beyond ensuring the continuous availability of the core messaging service, the ongoing functionality of supplementary, on-premise systems such as archiving solutions and security must also be considered.



How to ensure email continuity

A closely-integrated cloud-based email solution should guarantee – regardless of outages – continued email provision, alongside the uninterrupted delivery of other ancillary systems like email archiving, and sturdy privacy and security systems.


What’s more, a cloud-based solution worth its salt should be manageable from a single, web-based console, and deliver automatic fail-over and fail-back during outages. In essence, email system administration, including dealing with primary system outages, should be all but invisible to the end user.


Mimecast has created just such a solution. Its Unified Email Management (UEM), ticks all of the boxes – backed by robust SLAs, including 100% service. As Jaco van der Merwe, the AA’s head of IT, put it:


“There is no doubt that Mimecast UEM has solved our issues in terms of continuity and disaster recovery, and it ensures a far more secure Outlook setup with comprehensive spam filtering. It has improved storage and archiving capabilities and reduced our capex costs, enabling us do more with less.”

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