CheapTweet: Cheap Deals on Twitter (Craigslist of Twitter)

cheaptweet_logoTwitter has been one of the most popular websites of today, it asks the most basic question ‘What are you doing?’. People tweet messages that they would like to share to others and with this comes different topics.  With Twitter’s success, niches of different services have become available. One that I particularly found interesting is CheapTweet. CheapTweet searches the Twitter world on bargains and cheap deals that users are selling thru Twitter. It sort of reminds me of CraigsList but for Twitter. What’s great about it…

… is that it is automatic which means users don’t need to add their deals thru the website as it does the listing automatically. Registered Users can also vote a deal if it’s cheap or not (its cheap or its lame), which does a semi-digg type of ranking thru their homepage. But the ranking is not only ranked by users votes but also by how much it is being talked about in the twitter world (includes retweeting).

To help them find your links easily you’d have to insert #cheaptweet hashtag, to enable them to find your tweet faster. The website categorizes deals into different categories (example: Tech), however, as I did browse thru different topics I found one sponsor which kept showing which isn’t related to the topic (I then noticed that it’s one of their sponsors). It would be nice if it does updating of when a product is sold out already, and who bought it (competition might encourage more purchases which attracts more sponsors).

Overall, It’s a great website for bargain hunters out there, as with real time information you could get the great deals in no time. The User Interface is also simple and so similar to Twitter UI that you would definitely know how to use it when you are familiar with Twitter.

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