I’ve always read and heard stories of great entrepreneurs being really mean and bad, people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are good examples. It’s always a mystery to me how someone who treats others badly could be thought of a great man and someone people look up to. Having been an¬†Entrepreneur myself, I realized that there’s another side to that story.


Truth is being a founder and CEO of your company, there’s really just 2 jobs that you have to do, one is getting shit done and two is never running out of money. These 2 jobs can really define characteristics of entrepreneurs.


Getting Shit Done

First time I heard this was from a VC from Singapore, it was funny to hear that at first, but it sinks in and you finally understand what they truly mean. For me, there’s really managing activities, expectations and timelines and, well, everything else. But the deepest thing I learned in doing this is about clarity. Being crystal clear is what makes things easier for everyone, you know what you want, expect from others and when it should be done.

This truly creates a crazy and rough environment especially when things don’t go your way (like most of the time!). You can only imagine their frustration when they give their all (I really mean everything) and sacrificed opportunities when it happens. So when their team wastes their time, or doesn’t respect the sacrifices the founders make, ‘SHIT’ happens and horror stories come out.


Never Running Out Of Money

It’s never easy to start a company, aside from worrying about everything else, money would something that you as the entrepreneur will need to think of. And when you believe in your company, you give it your all, your savings, sacrificed opportunities, social life, time and so many important things, imagine the frustration when things don’t go your way. Therefore expectations are high when you work for one, and when you don’t perform, you’ll see monsters and the terrible horror that you have heard or read about great entrepreneurs.


So should you be an A$$hole?

For me, being in control of my emotions better, I wouldn’t do what they do. Sure, it can push people to do things for you, but not for the right reasons. Should there be a problems aligning expectations, then a ‘diplomatic’ termination could be offered, no need to do the dramatic scene we watch on TV or movies. I’d like to think that we can all be nice and respectful, and if people are to work with or for you, then they have to believe in what you stand for rather than being pushed to do something they don’t like. Hence my stand on hiring and firing fast, when you see people who truly believe and perform for the company, then keep them, if they don’t fit, let them go. Don’t ever waste time, time is the new money!


What do you think, should you be an a$$hole being an entrepreneur?

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