Fukuda Android Smart Box Review (FSBX-4Q2G16)


Being a big fan of multimedia, I’ve been in the lookout for the best player out there. And today, I have the chance to review Fukuda’s Android Smart Box. This box makes your tv smarter and allows you to use it like a big computer (Big monitor) and a very small CPU computer. Affordable and powerful, this box would surely be a good Christmas present. Here’s my review of Fukuda Android Smart Box.

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Fukuda Android Tablet Review – FCT-93RK8


It is not everyday that we hear a local Filipino electronics brand that is affordable and with good quality, Fukuda surely makes us proud to have a local brand of our own that has expanded internationally to Jakarta. Their electronics range from different household appliances to cameras and tablets, they’re always expanding their product line. Looking at their price list and specs, this tablet should be your December gift list! It’s slim, sleek and modern! Here’s my review of Fukuda Android Tablet FCT-93RK8:

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Toshl – Best Personal Finance App. iOS, Android and Web Browsers

Toshl personal Finance App

One thing I was never too careful about was Personal Finance, I thought it was simple, just don’t spend more than you earn. But it’s not as simple as it is, how would you know if you’re overspending on one thing and underspending on another? Sometimes, it’s good to learn your spending habits to learn more about yourself and to reach your target savings / investments / goals. So I started to check online on programs that could help me out on this, and the best one I found is Toshl.com! It’s simple yet very insightful, I believe this is the best in the market so far.

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Android vs iPhone: Which is better for gaming?

Android vs iPhone

If you are a smartphone owner then chances are that you own either a handset that runs the Android OS, or you own an iPhone since these two are the most popular phones that are currently trending in the market. These two brands account for over 50% of the total number of smartphones in the world today and a quick glance at their specs and their capabilities will give you a good reason why this is so, although most people would agree that Android smartphones with comparable specs tend to be cheaper than their iPhone counterparts.

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