Trader’s Logbook Philippines Stock Market Stocks Worth Watching June 10 – 14, 2013

Before the week has been concluded last week, we saw a glimpse of bullishness on our market. We saw some technical indicators suggesting a rebound but last Friday’s closing come just a little bit short to 3 digit positive points. Yes it went up as high as 120+ but come short by 8 points from 100. It would have been more convincing if it gave us a large green candlestick.

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Trader’s Logbook Philippines Stock Market Stocks Worth Watching May 27 – May 31, 2013

Last week we saw a disturbing price action when PSE index plummet last Thrusday. We saw some stocks recovered last Friday but is the storm gone? Let’s see. This week we will be looking at EW, FDC, FLI, MA and PNB for technical bounce. MA as we know it is not a stock we want to hold for a long at this time so if there will be a good price action, better to get away when you have some gains. Greed is not good for this stock. On the other hand, we have heard an old rumor alive again for PNB. This might fuel the price to go up. Let us now take a look at the technical aspect of these 5 stocks.

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Trader’s Logbook PSE Stocks Worth Watching April 1 – 5, 2013


Last week, although there were only 3 trading days, was a good week. Two things happened: window dressing and Investment Grade rating from Fitch. The stocks we picked soared high. JFC (4.74%), PX (2.41%), BDO (2.28%), FGEN (unchanged), AGI (0.24%). This week I think JFC will continue to rise while BDO and SMPH will be picking up the pieces while gaining strength. FGEN may continue to rise but the Doji candlestick is giving some threat to the bulls. We will only have 4 stocks for now.

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258+ Eye Catching WordPress Photography Templates recommended by Experienced Bloggers

Edgeline wordpress photography template

I’ve been using WordPress since the beginning of my online ventures, it’s truly one of the best things that is available for free online. I’m not the best in Photography, but, as I research more about WordPress, I see so many eye catching WordPress Photography Templates that people can use to make amazing blog / websites! But instead of me doing the recommendation, I shall refer you to experienced blogger’s posts on their personal recommendations for 2012…

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