Long sleeve shirts are one of my favorites and it truly amazes me how much new types of shirts get released in the market considering it’s been around for a long time (a very long time!). I love how men’s long sleeve shirts are versatile (can be worn formally, folded 3/4 or short sleeve casually) and how it really looks rich and elegant. Below are my top 3 brands for men’s long sleeve shirts that I recommend whether for formal or casual wear.


My Top 3 on Brands for Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts


1. TM Lewin

tm lewin men's long sleeve shirts

mens long sleeve shirts by TM Lewin

tm lewin mens long sleeve shirts

Established on 1898 in Jermyn Street in London by Thomas Mayes Lewin, TM Lewin stands for quality and value for long sleeve shirts. So If you’re looking for a modern yet classy look TM Lewin is the place to buy your shirts at. Unfortunately, it is not available in the Philippines, but they do sell shirts online. TM Lewin is a brand that I noticed about a year or 2 ago in Singapore, when my sister (she buys women’s long sleeve shirts there) told me all about it. What’s great about them is that they have all type of patterns (classical, modern, fashion forward i.e. crazy designs lol). They fit also perfectly and sells regular, tailored and slim fit. The shop isn’t so big but it has one of the biggest selections of men’s long sleeve shirts and the best part is the price is mid priced (USD $48 each and 4 for $144).



2. Raoul

raoul mens long sleeve shirt

raoul store mens long sleeve shirts

raoul fashion show mens long sleeve shirts

FJ Benjamin (by Odile and Douglas Benjamin) started the brand Raoul in 2002, it started focusing on men’s long sleeve shirts. The brand had made a difference by selling affordable luxury products that are stylish and good quality. Raoul is available in the Philippines at Shangrila and Greenbelt 5. Raoul, for me, makes the best modern shirts that really stand out and you wouldn’t see a lot of people wearing the same shirts like yours, however, not all men would wear some of their designs (there are some that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing). Like TM Lewin, they have many different patterns (including classical ones like white long sleeve shirts with different design variations) and cuts that range from the regular, tailored and slim fit cuts. They do have a good range of shirts in different colors and patterns and the price is a little higher than TM Lewin’s prices.



3. Zara

Zara logo men's long sleeve shirts

zara store men's long sleeve shirts

zara mens long sleeve shirts

Founded by Armancio Ortega and Roselia Mera, Zara is a Spanish Brand that has truly taken the world by storm. Zara, for me, is one of the best places to buy clothes but what is their limitation in terms of men’s long sleeve shirts? Their designs are pretty standard or a copy of what is available in other high end stores, it’s just sold cheaper with their brand on. But it’s not bad, the quality is really good and new designs come out very frequently. Zara is spread out in the Philippines and is almost on all mid-high end malls in the country. Like the two previous brands, they have many different patterns and cuts (a lot of slim fit shirts). Normally this is my “if all else fails…” type of last resort place to shop for my shirts, and it never failed me.


So what’s your favorite men’s long sleeve shirt brand?


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