Back into Building an Authority Site

Authority Site

I always thought to move away from websites and internet business but as I see some money coming in, I feel that there might be some more opportunities. Before, I was dumb and unfocused, building Micro Niche sites and expecting it to grow like wildfire (but never did). So as I reassessed the online market and read a couple of posts, forums and ebooks. So I’ve come up with a new plan of an building an authority site

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I will Develop Great Websites, Knowing oneself

Internet Entrepreneurship

Internet EntrepreneurshipIt’s really been a great experience of being a student in the world of internet entrepreneurship, it’s difficult, challenging and a hell of a lot of work but it sure is fun! I went from a website developer, to a blogger, to a domainer, to a affiliate marketer and online marketer, but the most important part of learning in all this is that I know who I am. And I am a developer of websites, this is who I am and what I will be doing in the future.

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Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Websites, Traffic Generation

affiliate offers onlineIt’s been quite a while since I last updated TechFilipino, I’ve been making quite a small successes lately both online and offline. Life have been better and things have started to improve. What I’ve been focusing on online lately has been Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate websites and traffic generation. It’s been very challenging but with this I learned so much about the internet.

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