Brandable Domains can also be a good domain investment

brandable domain nameOnce you get into the domaining industry, one type of domain everyone frowns upon is Brandable domain names. Before I entered this industry, before being a web developer only, my thoughts were brandable domains were the best (thanks to the web 2.0 movement). However upon entering, I realized that brandable domains are crap and stop registering more. But today I realized there are a number of ways which you could use it for.

Brandable Domains were said to be crap as it doesn’t carry as much SEO points like the generic keyword counterparts. Also some brandable domains aren’t easy to remember and spell, people would end up in other websites. But today, I realized that it’s not too bad after all.

Brandable Domain Names are great

Brandable Domains are great! Go Develop!

So why would I say that Brandable domains are great? The most important reason behind it is you’re more likely be off the hook with any trademark concerns. What’s also important is that you’re unique and being unique means that you can register it at registration fee and somehow use branding to get people to remember the domain. With its uniqueness, you’re more likely to end up finding a domain that’s 5 characters long (on registration, could be less if bought of the aftermarket). If SEO is your concern, there are tons of ways around it, it really comes down to how well you know SEO that makes the biggest difference. And the best thing that I found about it is that the concept of the website is flexible, unlike generic domains that you’re limited to pretty much what the generic domain is all about. The key to success for a brandable domain is through development, developing it to become a useful website for other users.

I’m not saying that brandable domains are the best, but if used and developed right, it could definitely over trump a killer generic domain. It takes patience, knowledge in SEO and a great product or service that will carry your brandable domain from scratch to the top.

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