Just because you don’t have a flair for writing or don’t feel that you have what it takes to produce regular blogs on your website about your industry doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore ways to have a blog anyway. Blogging can surely bring you more rewards, like establishing yourself in the market, and these rewards are not very expensive yet easy to achieve. There are many solutions available for even the busiest of managers which will allow them to have regular blog posts up on their site.


Blogging Solutions for Corporate Business Entrepreneur


Here are the Blogging Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Corporates



Find a Writer or Write personally

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If you’re worried that you don’t write that well or don’t have anyone to write for you, then go hire one. Writers can be internalized (hired within your company) or Contracted (Outsourced), and they can be assigned a number of tasks like interviewing you about your knowledge on the industry (e.g. If you’re in the health industry, you can write about health tips etc.). Make sure to ask for sample articles that is written by themselves so you can gauge their writing skills.


But before you pass the writing on to the writer, you’ve got to understand that when blogging, it’s not only just about “writing”, there’s also a part of it where your content needs to be found. This is where the skill, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing, comes in. SEO is simply writing articles that is optimized to be searched by visitors from search engines such as Google. You’ve got to make sure that the writers have this skill and as a proven track record of successful blogs and website. There’s also no shame in not writing the blogs yourself, think of it like traditional media where you have a Public Relations Team that handles all that, the same goes here.



Blogging Tools

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There are plenty of tools you can consider, but the first thing you need is a blog. What we personally recommend is to use WordPress, as it allows you more customization options and you can interlink this with your Official website. You might need to find a website developer to help you out on this.


You’d then need themes, this is how your blog will look. Spend some time to go thru different blogs and find the design or design features that you’d love to have and then have a professional designer do this so your blog could look very professional.


Next steps is installing Plugins, here’s the essential plugins you need:

  • Akismet – stop spam on comments
  • All-in-One SEO – Helps SEO on your blog
  • WP Super Cache – Speeds up loading on webpages for visitors


There are plenty of plugins that are available for FREE and paid that does many cool different functions. Do some research and find out some that can help your blog even more (Social media share, Related posts, etc.), see which ones fit your taste.



More Reasons to have a Blog

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I believe that every Entrepreneur, Business and Corporates must have their own blog, it’s not as hard as it seems. The internet has many ways of reaching out to potential customers and current customers, and blog is something that you can own and control as it is hosted under your own website, as opposed to social media (like Facebook, if they decide to shut down your page or suspend your account, there’s really not much you can do). Think that more and more people are getting more access to the internet everyday, thru their computers or phones, you’ve got to take advantage of that.


Here are just some of the benefits of Blogging:

  • Establish your credibility and reputation in your field or industry
  • Outrank your competitor’s websites on search engines
  • Think of it like a newsletter that broadcast worldwide
  • Get subscribers that get their updates directly thru email whenever you update
  • Humanize your brand (make people feel that there’s still a Human side with your brand)
  • Share this to all your Social Media which allows them to re-share (It has the potential to go viral)


Just make sure that it is full of interesting things about your industry and visitors will surely come back for more. If they love it, they’ll bookmark or even subscribe to get updates from you. These are people that could already be your potential customers that can generate good amount of sales for your business.


Business owners often don’t believe that a blog can really bring in potential clients who start out as interested readers, but the numbers don’t lie. Only after a few weeks of blogging productively, you will be able to see the sheer number of visitors that have come to your site. You can check their country of origin, the time they spent on the site, and which pages they visited.



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