binglogoWe all use search engines online everyday (well, most), and based on statistics Google ranks number 1 then Yahoo then Live (MSN). I believe that’s all going to change very very soon. Microsoft (Live / MSN) has released their new search Engine called Bing (beta), which is a total change to the Microsoft products that we’re used to. What’s different about it…

… is that the same as Live anymore, it’s much faster with a very cool and relaxed interface unlike Yahoo’s homepage.

bingscreenshot— Bing Home Page —


I’m loving the design and the feel to it. As I tried to search, the results loaded really fast and gave me really relevant results. The best part is …


bingscreenshotsearch— Bing Search Results —


The search results has a preview feature which shows a small preview of the content on the right side of the screen. It loads really fast and all you need is to hover over it. Right now I don’t see much advertisements so it looks really clean and neat.


bingimagesearchscreenshot— Bing Image Search —


What’s really nice is that on the lower left side of the image search, you’d be able to specify the image in more details. You could specify by size, layout, color, style and people. This is extremely useful for web designers and for those doing powerpoint presentations (oops, copyright issues…), but then again there’s the copyright concerns. You could also search for the latest news by using typing the keyword in, which seems to get the articles from reliable and credible news sources. What’s interesting is the xRanks (which seems to be the equivalent of Google trends), it’s not that complete yet, but it shows popular searches in Bing. What’s interesting is that it only seems to rank people, which fall in the categories of Celebrities, Musicians, Politicians and Bloggers.


Overall, I’m amazed to see a new Microsoft product that doesn’t suck (ahem..). It’s actually amazing and could definitely compete with Google search, it’s about time that someone competes with Google. The fast load times and pleasing graphics is simply so nice to use. I can see a big future for Bing, and I believe it could get Microsoft back on top. You’ve got one Binger right here.

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