Domain Prices

Since the economy went to recession in the late 2008, domain prices have really fallen to low figures compared to how much they’re worth before. But as the world economy starts to recover and get back up this 2010, are we going to see an increase in domain prices?…

… I felt somehow bad that in 2009, instead of me focusing on getting myself some great domains in the aftermarket, I went after the ccTLD market. Getting myself heavily invested in ccTLDs which I believe are going to be worth a lot in the future. I was somehow against the aftermarket at that time and felt that there’s still value in hand registration.

Domain Prices Increase as Ad Spending Increases— Domain Prices should Increase as Ad Spending Increases —

I was both right and wrong, I was right because the domains I gathered are quality premium ccTLD; I was wrong because I left out the gTLD market which were selling on the low in the aftermarket. As 2010 starts, we’re all starting to see an increase in our CPC (Cost per click), usually this means that domain prices are going higher as well. This is because one of the factors in domain valuations do come from revenues and an increase in Ad revenues can push the price up. I personally anticipate the increase in domain prices to happen somehow in the 3rd Quarter of 2010, so there’s still time to grab.

I’m starting to see the benefits of the aftermarket which I should’ve seen in 2009, but all is not lost, it was a lesson that I learned well. What I found is that you really get what you pay for.

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