official apple ipadI bought an Apple iPad a couple of days ago, and sadly I might’ve overpaid for it. Just this week, Apple iPad has now been officially released here in the Philippines and is available nationwide. Prices have dropped tremendously from the unregulated price and can really give you a peace of mind when you purchase.

What’s really cool about buying an iPad in the Apple store is that there is supposed to be a free engraving which can personalize it as a gift and gift wrapping (it’s not much but it’s free anyway).

Here are the standard official price of Apple iPad in the Philippines:

  • 16Gb iPad (Wifi) = P23,990
  • 16 Gb iPad (3G Wifi) = P30,990
  • 32 Gb iPad (Wifi) = P28,990
  • 32 Gb iPad (3G Wifi) =P35,990
  • 64 Gb iPad (Wifi) = P33,990
  • 64 Gb iPad (3G Wifi) =P40,990

I might have overpaid around P3000, but it’s well worth it. The amount of things you can do (The apps are really the best part, lots of free apps to choose from and be able to buy those that are worth the price) and how handy it is can really compensate for the high price. I highly recommend getting an iPad.

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