domain-marketing-campaign-onlineTime and time again, you’d hear from the domaining community about how a company starts marketing for a new brand of their products without getting the right domains of it. It could be that they’re not aware of the domain implications to branding, but it could be a huge loss for them for people who really are interested and couldn’t find their marketing campaign online

… Just imagine if for example you were to launch a brand called XXYYZZ (Fictional and completely made up) and someone else owns way before you did, imagine if you were to settle for a .NET or .ORG, how much traffic are you wasting for your marketing campaign?

online-marketing-campaign-domains— If they can’t find you then you lost potential sales —

I really feel sorry for a lot of companies who still have yet to see the power of the internet and how it could be a big game changer for their marketing campaigns. Yes, they are fully aware of social media like Facebook or YouTube, but there are also other media like Search Engines (Hello? Google? ever heard of it?). These Search Engines are the ones responsible for the massive amount of traffic that most websites get and if you’re not listed there then you’re invisible.

What you should do is to get yourselves a domain and build a brand around it. Having a domain that corresponds to the brand will allow you to get the leads that you want and provide the ‘Right’ information to potential clients. It works like this, you first brainstorm about the brand name and then find if the domain is available or would you be able to acquire it under your budget. If the answer is yes you’re able to acquire it then name your brand after it. Build a website or just a minisite that revolves around the brand, it doesn’t only strengthen your company’s SEO but also rank higher for the keyword since you own the exact domain of the brand. Think about it how many times do you hear people say “I’ve typed in and didn’t find your website…” and that’s exactly another scenario that you’d want to avoid.

Look, it’s just $7 – $8 per year for each domain you register. Ten potential clients that comes in and buys something off you because of that would’ve easily given you a return on investment straight away. Or if you don’t, you miss out hundreds or thousands or even millions of dollars of sales that could’ve easily converted if they only found you.

Brands should have the right domain, the right domain will give you high search engine results(usually 1st search result), and high search results lead to more visitors, visitors can then be converted to sales. It is straight forward and damn easy, all it takes is a little bit more effort and you should see results.

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