Animoto: Best Slideshow / Music Video ever

animoto a website I recently found, just shows how amazing video and web technologies are right now. It claims to end all the slide shows and I certainly believe that they have what it takes to do just that. Inspired by the Digital Camera Revolution, Animoto is founded by a bunch of tv / film producers and techies to make MTV, comedy central and ABC reachable to everyone who wants a professionally done videos. How it works is…

… the user uploads their own images or select from their stock photos or choose from their existing social network photos. Users then can choose to either upload their own music for their movie or choose from their database. And like magic, the system does all (that’s right everything) into compiling the whole video for you. What Animoto promises is that “No two (2) Videos are the same” by using their very own Cinematic A.I. Technology. So we could expect a “Unique piece everytime“.

I’ve tried creating my own BlueWater Day Spa video and the whole process only took me around 10 minutes to build a 30 seconds video (uploading, editing text, choosing songs…). The system is completely equipped with ajax and the loading is really really fast, the user interface is also very simple and easy to user as everything is just a click away. I was also able to upload my video to YouTube here.

The free version only lasts for 30 seconds, and beyond that is premium membership. They have different packages for different individual needs: For personal use it is $3 per video and $30 for 1 year access unlimited videos; For Commercial Use, $99 for 3 months and $249 for 1 year access.

I’m loving the videos and how great it looks. This is definitely a service that would be such a great hit. They also have some (February 14) valentines day card type videos that you definitely should give your loved one, they’ll love you even more for sure (lol). I also found a way to download the video using the free account, it’s by uploading it to YouTube and then downloading the video thru 

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