If you are a smartphone owner then chances are that you own either a handset that runs the Android OS, or you own an iPhone since these two are the most popular phones that are currently trending in the market. These two brands account for over 50% of the total number of smartphones in the world today and a quick glance at their specs and their capabilities will give you a good reason why this is so, although most people would agree that Android smartphones with comparable specs tend to be cheaper than their iPhone counterparts.

Android vs iPhone

Android OS

Android devices are the exception in the market these days. The Android OS has been designed so that it can run on any current generation smart phone, as well as being built for the phones we will own in the future. This means that any handset manufacturer can use the Android software, giving their customers a platform that shares interface, accessibility and usability with thousands of other models and makes. Because of this, the software that is created to run on this platform can be standardized allowing it to reach a much bigger audience than it would otherwise. Some of the Android devices have top of the line hardware, which means that you can run high graphics game. However it is Google play or Samsung’s App that isn’t as big as iPhone’s appstore which gives it more limited titles to play.


iPhone iOS

The iPhone has always been touted as the must have gadget for the App hungry tech-head. The App store boasts millions of apps and each of them are quality tested before release. This means that iPhone apps are less likely to infect your phone with a virus or give you any unpleasant surprises. For those who prefer online casino sites to apps, the built in web browser offers everything that you might possibly need to get online and find your next jackpot win. Click here to visit River Belle casino which is one of the most popular ones out there at the minute with reviews having praised their selection of slots games and general usability. They have one of the most biggest app selections with all the coolest and independent games that you can choose to play.


The Winner of Android vs iPhone?

Each particular OS has its pros and its cons so in the end it really depends upon the style you prefer and whether you want to be able to access every web site on the internet, or whether you’re happy to simply play the games that are available through the app store. There are also a number of other factors that swing the decision to either side but as we said it’s really upon the discretion of the user as to what he wants to go for – features, style, design or simply the price. Though in our opinion Android offers better value for money, but nothing beats having a huge selection of games with strong enough graphics to run them all. iPhone Wins!

Which one wins for you iPhone vs Android?

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