alternativetoWe all have some desktop application that we use, but we’re not happy at some of the applications or some might just be expensive to get a copy. As I browsed the web, I came across a really great website that helps users find alternative desktop applications for the ones we currently use, it’s called AlternativeTo. What I really like about it…

… is that it provides free open source alternative applications that you could download and use without the need for licensing (for personal use). It features different Operating Systems’ desktop applications, which are Windows, Mac, Linux and other cloud applications. The interface is really so simple to understand once you visit, it’s separated with tabs and with a click of find alternatives it generates all the possible alternatives for the desktop application.

The website is user generated, so alternatives are suggested by members of the website and is weighed by the use of voting. Users are also given points for contributing. But I’m sure that the website has validation in contribution to keep the quality of the contribution relevant.  Overall, I’m loving the website, it gives me really great alternatives to desktop applications. It’s also a great help for a lot of people online to save money by switching to open source applications. With easy to use interface and adds value to users, I believe it’s going to be really something. The question now is that how would they monetize with just a box advertisement on the side to monetize (unless the link to the desktop application is affiliate links). I hope that it remains online for a very very long time, I support this website.

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