Age-Me: See how you will age in the future (naturally or lifestyle based)


It’s been a while since I’ve written a new website idea, I haven’t had much inspiration and have been quite busy with domain names. I recently received a comment on my post on How will I look like in the future (Website Idea) recommending me to have a look. This website was called Age-Me, and is an amazing website that uses April (Age progression Software) to show people how they’ll look like as they age in the future. What’s really amazing about it…

… is that it simply uses your own images to show you your looks in the future. However, there are certain rules on what photos to submit:

  1. Look straight at the camera. Do not angle head up, down or sideways.
  2. Pull hair away from face. Remove anything that covers any part of the face or neck. (ex.*Glasses )
  3. Facial hair that is not shortly groomed will cause incorrect detection of facial shape, resulting in unsatisfactory results.
  4. Do not smile or squint. Keep mouth closed.
  5. Use colored pictures. Not black & white, etc.
  6. Use image in which subject is completely in sharp focus.
  7. Use flat, even light. There can be no shadows on the face.
  8. Use plain background that contrasts with hair color. It cannot have a design or pattern.
  9. The pictures cannot be over or under exposed.

It is also not a free service, you’d have to pay for the service and costs roughly around $16 for 3 tokens (I do have the promo code at the end of this post to get 10 free tokens). The results are quite amazing and it even gives you a time line, so you could check how you look on certain ages.

agemesampleaging– Sample Aging –


There are two types of aging, one is the basic aging and the lifestyle based aging. Basic aging only takes into account your age, gender and ethnicity and ages you naturally (excluding your lifestyle); while Lifestyle based ages you based on what lifestyle you choose (e.g. smoker, sun-exposed, heavy weight, etc). After seeing the results I was really shocked and somehow scared that that’s how I would be looking like if I lived a certain type of lifestyle. It only takes the system a few minutes to work on your picture and show you results.

Overall, this is a great website and definitely something that I would refer people to.  And although the interface is not that well designed, the system does a great job of doing the actual task at hand. However, I’d love to see the website get more improvements on types of aging and possibly add a survey option where people could get a more accurate aging based on their current lifestyle. This is a great wake up call to those who live an unhealthy lifestyle. So try it out for yourself for FREE (10 tokens) by typing the promo code “age-me”.

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