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Founder of TechFilipino.com. I love Technology and I’m Filipino hence the name ‘TechFilipino’. My interests with Technology started way back in High school when technology started booming. During my university years in Oxford Brookes University (Bachelors and Masters), I finally realized that my path is going to be in Technology (The web in particular).


I opened my own company called Gang Ventures, but it didn’t do very well (it failed but the lessons learned were really valuable. You can read about my failure here). I was always against outsourcing, I always believed that the Filipinos could make their own websites and make money from it. But I guess the internet was not able to catch up back then. I then became a domainer and started investing in domains, but with the recent updates, domains don’t really carry as much value and is very expensive to maintain and I had to cut loss and maintained a few key ones. I then learned more about SEO and how to make money with it, and it has paid off some of my losses and is still something that is continuing to grow (although some Google updates did kill some of my website’s ranking). I also co-founded WhenInManila, a lifestyle and travel online magazine, that has been one of the most well known online destinations these days. We’ve really managed to rack up great success with the Filipino community. I started learning Stock Trading, it’s something that gave me a bigger eye opener to how my money is doing and how I should be investing. I also explored Events and ventured into an event called Blogapalooza which is a yearly event that connects Bloggers and Businesses together. We’re happy that this has been a huge success!


Today, I’m the CEO of Social Light Inc., a company that released Zion WIFI. It’s a product that helps businesses utilize their free WIFI and turn that into a full blown online marketing tool. I can write so much about it but it would just take up the whole page, so I would recommend visiting our website.


So what can you expect from TechFilipino?

I started this blog, TechFilipino, as the web is my pure passion and interest. This blog will cover Technology, Gadget and Web, Stock Investing / Trading, Personal related news and other interesting facts that the internet has to offer.


What makes Techfilipino different from other blogs?

Aside from giving my own insights, opinions, comments or tips, I share my insights and experiences on my journies on my quest to make it big online. It does sound far-fetched but I believe now’s the time to really seize the opportunity that is waiting for us online.


Why do I share my website ideas?

I’m currently working on a few startups of my own and hopefully going to release it soon, but I do have tons of ideas which I still couldn’t do. So rather than wasting it and forgetting about it, I hope to share it with others and hope to see it succeed one day.



How do you get featured here in TechFilipino?

Contact me using our contact form here or email [email protected], tell me about your website and what makes it so special and unique.


If you’d like to advertise here on TechFilipino…

If you’d like to know more about the advertisement prices please visit our advertise page or email [email protected] .


TechFilipino is open for Guest Posts… 

Yes, I certainly am open for Guest Posts. Please visit Guest Post Page for more details.


If you have any Queries, Suggestions or Comments…

Contact us at our contact form here or email [email protected] Or Follow me on Twitter: Francissimisim


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