It’s really funny how businesses tend to forget that even with all the advancements in technology, we’re still selling to humans (you know, people like you and me!). What I found was that, most of them would rehearse spiels and lines that is just too sales-y and you know they’re just after the money. I believe modern sales people should learn how to interact with real people.



Sales, in my opinion, has been tainted with bad experiences of overly aggressive sales teams trying to corner you. That said having numerous experiences in sales, I’ve learned to think very differently and learn from insightful experts that have truly improved my sales skills today.


Here are 4 tips to improve your sales presentations:

  1. Help – offer to help and not sell. You’re here to solve the problem/s that I have, and not push something I may not need at all. Selling something that I don’t need makes me feel like you’re wasting my time and is just too hard sell.
  2. Talk – As I said, you’re talking to people. Allow them to talk back! Encourage interaction! Sales is still a relationship business that needs conversations to educate both sides and help each other align better with goals and expectations. And when they talk, shut up and listen!
  3. Empathy – Rebuttals suck! Everyone has a point and rebuttals just make me feel defensive afterwards. The key is to agree with them and understand what it’s like to be in their shoes and then explain further how your product or service can help them. Be sincere!
  4. No to Jargon – We all want to look and feel smart don’t we? But if the person on the otherside don’t understand you, then you’re not doing a good job. Jargons hamper communication which stops you from explaining how you will solve their problem. Keep it Simple Stupid!
  5. Practice – As they say, practice makes perfect. If you want your sales presentation better, you have to practice. Keep practicing and improve your presentation as you go along. I’ve revised our presentations more than 20 times to make it better and more effective. You have to be determined!

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