I’ve been a web developer and a blogger for the longest time, and have been trying to make a living from Google Adsense. Does it seem impossible to you? Do you earn only a few dollars here and there? Well I did find out the top 3 reasons why you’re not making much money from Google Adsense, I could almost say I did try it all.


Google Adsense is a very tricky way of monetizing a website. It’s easy in a way that you can slap that on any website in seconds but, even if you do have all the ads in the world, why is it so darn hard to earn a living from it? People will tell you patience is key, I say it’s a lie, it’s not about being patient, it’s about knowing where you went wrong.


3 Reasons why you’re not making much money from Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Your Topic Sucks

Adsense Google Topic Sucks

I’m not even referring to your content or your article, I’m talking about your topic as a whole. Is your topic about a niche in health? Travel? Computers? It’s not that it’s boring, it’s just that there are not too many advertisers competing on that field. Think of it like a market place where there’s not a lot of buyers buying for ad space, so naturally clicks are paid really low (Lowest I’ve seen was $0.02 per click!). So here’s how you’ll find out how to find out how much your keywords are worth, first go to Google Traffic Estimator. Edit the parameters (like which location or language) and then click the get estimate. You’ll see a graph on how much a click gets you. At least now you know it’s not you, it’s them.



For once, Think like a Visitor!

adsense google think like a visitor

If you place your ads all over the place, your visitor knows what the hell you’re really up to (you’re into MONEY!). People weren’t accustomed to ads a long long long time ago, so developers back then would place a few ads and get clicks like crazy, but common people, your visitors aren’t as dumb anymore! Having too much ads puts people off, they’ll think that you’re one of the MFA (Made for Adsense websites, those ugly looking sites that shows you ads shamelessly) that lures them into clicking. Not to worry though, there’s a very easy way to solve it.


You can place ads above the fold, but the trick is to blend them in. Make it feel like it’s part of your website’s design, like it’s actually supposed to be there! (Just have a look my blog, I did hide some link ads). Also take advantage of the fact that you can have 6 Google Adsense ads in one given page, this is divided by 3 Google Link ads and 3 Google image / text ad. And don’t ever put them all together, spread them out, think like a visitor when you scroll thru pages etc.



No one’s visiting your site!

Google Adsense No Visitor

Oh this is the topic I love best, I have heard people complain (even myself) about I did all these but why am I not making money with Adsense? Here’s the simple answer: You can’t expect everyone that visits your website to click on your ads! A typical website can get 0% – 5% CTR (Click through rate) and guess what, that applies to you too. So think of it this way, if you had 10,000 visitors per month and 2% clicks on your website with a CPC (Cost per click) of $0.02, that means you’re only going to make $2! You gotta do the maths and be realistic with yourself, probloggers and big websites didn’t earn big amounts overnight. Work on your traffic, as you get more traffic, you get more clicks, more clicks more money! Get it?


Any more tips you wanna include to earn more with Google Adsense?

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