Smartphones are everywhere and, as a stock trader / investor, you’ve got to be able to trade on the move whether you are on 3G or Wifi. One thing I did when I started investing in the stock market was to find apps that would be able to give me up to date information about the market (that’s the geek side of me). So I did find a few and these are what I believe to be the 3 iPhone Apps that every PSE Stock trader / investor must have.


I apologize to Android users as I don’t have an Android phone and have used iPhone ever since Nokia (it has been very useful for me). I shall start from the free apps then move on to the paid ones.


iphone apps pse stock trader investor


3 iPhone Apps that every PSE Stock Trader / Investor must have


Bloomberg App

bloomberg iphone app pse stock investor trader

I believe every iPhone has a built in Bloomberg app, if you don’t make sure that you download this. So it’s not 100% built for PSE stocks but here’s what’s cool about it, PSE stocks are included in the list. You can search for the stock symbol followed by PM (e.g. PGOLD:PM) or you can search for the whole name of the stock. You can view the stock details and if you rotate your phone sideways, it shows you the chart of the stock (you can touch the chart to show you the price at certain point in time). It also has a portfolio feature where you can add you purchases and keep track of your gains/losses. A word of warning, for people who need the up-to-the-minute prices, the data is lagged by a few hours so the prices are delayed.



Broker Apps (Philstocks & FirstMetroSec)

philstocks firstmetrosec iphone app pse stock investor trader

If you are using an online broker of either (Accord Capital) or FirstMetroSec, you’re in luck as they’ve got an app for you. I have featured Philstocks XAVI for and you can read more about it in my previous post. And if you’re with FirstMetroSec, it is more comprehensive, it even has tickers. It has charts, tickers, and more comprehensive data, it would be nice if would copy some of the features that they have on this app (Philstocks guys, if you’re listening, please do try to copy some of their features).



iPhilstocks Pro

iphilstocks pro iphone app pse stock investor trader

If there was an app that I personally purchased that would be iPhilstocks Pro ($1.99), it has all basic information you’ll ever need to trade on your phone. What’s really cool about this app is that it has all the stock information, portfolio, global / PSE index, Charts, news, market performers and news (not perfect). What I use this app for is mainly to look into market performers and see all the movers and valuations that they have. And if I want to dig deeper, I usually check individual stock information and their charts. What I was not too happy about this app is that it used to be the old iPhilstocks app, but instead of updating, they made a new one and charged $1 more. But, at the end of the day, it is way better than a buggy app that crashes most of the time and is something I use most of the time. A must buy if you were to ask me. A word of warning, there’s also some lag in the data like the Bloomberg app.



Almost made the list – PSE Ticker

PSE Ticker iphone app pse stock investor trader

This is probably the best FREE app (Theoretically, you’ll find out why in the end) that you’ll ever find for PSE stock investing / trading, PSE Ticker has so many features that one cannot expect from a free app! They have the Ticker feature which is pretty cool (I haven’t checked if their data is up-to-the-minute), I don’t really like looking at tickers (it tempts me lol!) so I don’t use it much. They also have stock information, portfolio, market index, foreign exchange information, but here’s the coolest part, for technical analysts, you can see the charts with all the information like MACD, RSI etc. However, here’s where FREE apps suck, it’s full of bugs! Some stock information you can’t see, you also find that charts are limited to what is already on your screen and the app crashes most of the time. Maybe the developer could ask people to pay and fix it up…


Some unmentioned PSE apps

There are also 2 more apps that I haven’t included as I haven’t used it personally, but these are Technistocks and Candle Sticks. With Technistocks, I believe you have to be a paying subscriber to be able to use their app (it requires username and password). While Candle sticks is good for technical analysis, as they do charting with all the technical information you’ll need so you can analyze on the go.


Anymore iPhone apps for PSE stock trader / investor that I haven’t added?

Tell us what you think!