I’ve been using WordPress since the beginning of my online ventures, it’s truly one of the best things that is available for free online. I’m not the best in Photography, but, as I research more about WordPress, I see so many eye catching WordPress Photography Templates that people can use to make amazing blog / websites! But instead of me doing the recommendation, I shall refer you to experienced blogger’s posts on their personal recommendations for 2012…


These set of Bloggers have truly recommended an amazing list of WordPress Photography Templates you can use for your WordPress blog. Their list truly completes what WordPress Photography themes should be about this 2012 (new themes comeout everytime and these are the latest). I may have to let you know though that some are Free, while there are also paid ones in the list.


258+ Eye Catching WordPress Photography Templates


onextra pixel wordpress photography template


(70 PAID / FREE templates)


Wordpress photography template

The List: Onextrapixel has made a great list of Paid and Free WordPress themes, from blog type wordpress photography templates to professional themes. What I like about this list is that it covers all types from just photography to blog/photo to professional photography website.


Top Recommendation: in the list that I personally like was the WowWay from ThemeForest (paid theme), which looked really professional while maintaining the fun and creative feel. It is also a responsive theme, which adjusts itself to mobile phones, making it look more appropriate rather than serving a large page.


The Link: 70 of the Best Free and Premium WordPress Themes from May 2012



wp lift wordpress photography template



(25 FREE Templates)


wallbase wordpress photography template

The List: WPLift has done a great job of finding really hard to find, FREE themes that are truly unique and looks very premium. What I like is that they diversified the list to cover different types of photography themes. It’s truly amazing that these themes are free, and they could be used for even the professionals.


Top Recommendation: For me, what I personally liked is the theme WallBase, whats cool with that is it is this full screen picture background that show cases your work. The rest are simply ways to navigate around the website. It gives you a chance to showcase different work with high resolution.


The Link: 25 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Photographers 2012



Smashing Hub Logo WordPress Photography Templates


(25 PAID Templates)


wp reaction wordpress photography templateThe List: Smashing Hub has listed 25 high quality premium themes that you’ll get at reasonable prices. It’s not really purely for photography but what’s great about it is that it could still fit photography themed blogs and it’s also responsive too. Responsive is the word of the year for 2012, it has all the cool ones here.


Top Recommendation: What I like most in this list is the wp-reaction, it’s not really too formal but is bold and could really strike a big impression to your visitors. It has the coolest picture sliders (with effects) and an amazing portfolio like pictures and text on the bottom of the homepage.


The Link: 25 Best Responsive WordPress Themes 2012



Pixel Curse Logo WordPress Photography Template


(43 PAID Themes)


Chocolate WordPress Photography Template

The List: Pixel Curse has made a list of really professional themes, it is mostly made of themes that have a big picture or something that occupies more than 1/4 of the screen with the main photo. It will surely make your photos standout and show the visitor your photography skills.


Top Recommendation: Chocolate wordpress theme is my favorite, the template looks really rich yet messy, it also highlights on the photography as it features large images and this big slider on the bottom. It kind of makes the whole website as a big carousel that features your best images.


The Link: 43 Best WordPress Photography Themes 2012



Creative Can WordPress photography template



(70 PAID / FREE Templates)



Creative Can WordPress Photography TemplateThe List: Creative Can gave a diverse list ofwordpress photography templates, from small images to large images, from sliders to static, they truly had it all. Looking at these templates will give you a great overview on what’s hot and new in 2012. You can choose different layouts and different sliders and it’s all so cool.


Top Recommendations: What I like is the Konzept portfolio theme, it’s responsive, clean, professional and highlights the pictures or your work. It really puts great emphasis on your work and makes it very easy for the visitor to navigate around your website.


The Link: 70+ Great WordPress Photography Themes



dessign wordpress photography template



(Special Mention FREE / PAID Themes)


Edgeline wordpress photography template

The List: Dessign features almost all the coolest free and paid templates that is all about responsiveness. Their FREE is as good as some of the paid themes I’ve seen online and is fully customizable. But their premium can do much much more. I like the simplicity, focus and layout of their work.


Top Recommendations: Edgeline is a paid wordpress theme, what I like is the different shapes that make the website look artsy but orderly at the same time. It is easy to navigate and easy to use. It is these types of themes that really catches the attention of photography lovers.


Link: Dessign.net


Does anyone have anymore WordPress Photography Templates they’d like to add?

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