123finder123Finder is a website that I’ve found recently that helps you find the domain names that you want. It’s not specifically web 2.0 domain name generator style but the lists that they have are really comprehensive. The lists are separated by number of characters, Dictionary words (example: common words) and by the extention (.com .net etc.). What’s great about it…

… is that it helped me find 4 character (.com) domains names which are very rare, and it generated around 1731 domains which was really interesting. What’s more interesting is that you could search by keyword or by using their dictionary function which generates Common english words, simple words, names, japanese words, and many more. The great thing is that you could drill down the search to how many characters you want, with hyphen, with numbers and the keyword.

I was looking for a 4 character domain that might be available that does make sense (no numbers or hyphen), and found ybin.com. The problem was when I searched for ybin.com on domain registrars, ybin.com has been taken. The User Interface is also a bit 1.0 designed, color and the layout reminded me of the old web. But as my purpose is to look for a domain name, and it does the job. So overall, it gave me a list of available 3, 4, and more characters domain name which not a lot of domain name generators do which I found really useful. With the advanced search, it was a breeze looking for unique domain names which is worth investing in.

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