The iPhone 5 has recently been launched and everyone’s so eager to get their hands on it. The way I see it, it’s just an iPhone with a larger screen, better retina display and is thinner compared to its older generations but aside from that, I believe the older generations can do what iPhone 5 it’s just slower in performance and graphics isn’t as good. So I listed 11 incredibly Cool things that you iPhone 5 (4S, 4 and 3GS) can do…


11 Amazing Things that your iPhone 5 (4S, 4, 3GS) can do


iphone 5 cool things you can do


Monitor Heart Rate

Monitor Heart Rate iPhone

Instant Heart Rate App

If you’re into fitness and don’t own a heart rate monitor, you’re in luck because the iPhone can do just that. All you have to do is to cover the camera lens with your finger and it starts counting your heart rate. So whether it is to check your health or to monitor your fitness, it can all be done with your phone. I used this before and after I ran, I did see a good increase on my heart rate.


Recommended Apps:



Measure Distance

measure distance iphone

EasyMeasure app

Bringing a tape measure is just a hassle, and sometimes just isn’t long enough. So someone did make an app that uses your camera to measure distance using the iPhone. All you have to do is to stand at one end and point the camera to the other end, and it should give you a fairly accurate distance. I was able to use it when I bought furniture for the new place, handy when you don’t have the tape measure.


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Scan Documents

scan documents iphone

Genius Scan App

A long time ago, scanning was always done with scanners because camera’s back then were not clear enough (imagine scanning with 1megapixel camera!). So when camera’s advance, scanner apps started popping and I must say they do it pretty well. All you gotta do nowaways is snap a picture and you got the soft copy (just make sure that your hands are steady). I’ve taken pictures and sent the documents for legal purposes, and guess what, it is clear and accepted.


Recommended Apps:


Ghost Scanner

ghost scanner iphone

IEMF+ app

Sounds unreal right? But the ones you saw were probably prank apps, but there are some that claims to be real. It works by isolating unusual electromagnetic readings and interprets them to us normal people. I haven’t and don’t want to try this as I don’t want to freak out if there were weird sounds especially in my home, so guys, be careful when using this.


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3d photos

3d photos iphone

3D Camera Lite app

Just when you thought that 3d pictures required special lenses or camera, someone makes an app that allows you to take 3d pictures. But this isn’t the most sophisticated ones, like the ones in cinema, it’s just the simple red/cyan 3d glasses that you can use with this. So if you do want to take it a step further, buy better equipments.


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Remote Control Computers or TV and other various gadgets

remote control computers tv home iphone

Teamviewer app

Remote control isn’t really very new, back in the day, it was the IR that you can use to control TV’s. But, with the iPhone, you can control much much more than that. Remote control your computer (MAC or PC) and control it as if you were physically there. TV’s have started making apps, like Sony, Samsung and LG which connects the iPhone and TV via wifi and allows you to control from there. There are also gadgets that you can control, some for sound system, lighting and other gadgets that connect over at wifi. I was able to play a prank on switching channels while I was out of the room when my wife was watching TV lol, but it’s pretty handy especially if the remote control is out of reach.


Recommended Apps:


Spy and Security

spy and security iphone

Spytools app

You can be this secret agent that carries lots of small gadgets for various tasks, or you’re an ordinary person that needs better security then this feature is extremely cool. There are Spy apps that allow you to do spy stuff, by changing your voice, diversion, bug, stealth cams, and even warn you of intruders. You See, it’s not only James Bond that has all the coolest gadgets. I did try to use this to monitor my room at times while I sleep, but it got to a point where I just couldn’t bother.


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Watch Live TV

watch live tv iphone

TVU Player app

You can watch live TV from your iPhone, the only catch is that you’ll need an internet connection to do so (3G or Wifi). It’s pretty cool, especially when you need to kill some time. However, do expect that there might be some broadcast delays as the internet isn’t really as consistent as TV connections. I was able to cover one that allowed you to watch live NBA games here.


Recommended Apps:

  • TVU Player – $4.99
  • – $4.99 (There are live streams of big sports events here, but pretty hard to find)



gps iphone

Sygic SouthEast Asia GPS App

iPhone’s are now fitted with GPS, this means that you don’t need any internet connection to track where you are on the road. But you need to download apps that support this. The app is a bit expensive compared to other apps (costing around $20 or more) but it really does a great job getting you to places. I’ve driven to places I didn’t know without getting any violation (lol) thanks to this.


Recommended Apps:

  • iWay GPS Navigation – FREE
  • TomTom – $59.99 above (Search for your own city / place)
  • Sygic – $16.99 above (Search for your own city / place)


Measure Light

measure light iphone

LuxMeter Pro Advanced app

To Photographers, Videographers, Architects, Engineers or plain light fanatics, there’s an app for lux meter. With this, it functions the same as a normal Luxmeter but it’s already in your pocket with your iPhone. I was able to use this app when I replaced all my bulbs with LED, and I was surprised on how bright it was considering it was using far less electricity.


Recommended Apps:

Pet Remote

pet remote control iphone

MagicDog app

For dog and cat owners, this could be a great source of entertainment for your pet. From making distinct cat or dog sounds, your pet will be kept curious as to what the hell is going on. Their curious faces are very cute especially when they tilt their heads out of curiosity. Do be careful though, it can be pretty scary to some dogs. I had fun watching my pet look for another dog in my room when I used this.


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So are iPhones cool or what?!

I believe as iPhone advances more and more innovative apps with come out. It’s already an amazing phone that can do so much, I wouldn’t “yet” trade it for anything right now.


Anymore cool stuff you know that iPhones can do?

Tell us what you think!